@surreality said in Action/Super-Spy Style MU:

Something like this sounds like it could be a lot of fun.

I have two suggestions, though each has its own drawback.

Modern era setting -- we all know it, people can play with modern tech, etc. Drawback: it's going to be hard to prevent politics from coming up, and potentially starting the kind of OOC arguments and hostilities you probably won't want on your game.

Historical setting, even if it's fairly recent history. Example: Cold War 1980s. Tech level isn't so vastly different that people will not be able to understand it or wrap their brains around it, even if they were born in the 90s or later. Plenty of us lived through this, too. Drawback: History means "OOC homework", and some people are so gadget focused in their daily life that they can't live without these things as part of the casual day-to-day (rather than as their special spytech gear they can't always use openly), and these things may lose you some people in the process.

(And no, I promise, this is not just me loving the 80s! It's just the most obvious recent history example that stands out.)

Do a modern setting, but in a "West Wing" style. "Mr President" is the president, or "Jack Sparrow", and nobody talks about real world politics.

Heck, better yet, start the game on an election year, ICly, and have two candidates, and run plots about who gets elected.