It's that time again folks: Update time So, after much effort we've completed the Gotham grid. There was a good bit of humming and hawing on the exact layout but I think the one we settled on wound up turning out for the best. Metropolis is now about halfway finished, which means our grid is about 3/4ths of the way done give or take some extra rooms like no-mans-land and the USS Appomattox. (Still undecided on if we actually want to make that a grid room or wait to see if anyone actually winds up building characters who are members of ONE to actually use those rooms. Feedback is always welcome on that front. Do we even need to build grid rooms for the Appomattox or should we just leave that to be Roleplay Rooms?) The combat system is trucking along right on schedule and we should be just about ready to shove that full force into closed testing in the near future! I'm honestly really excited to see feedback from testers on it as our Coder's have put some really good work into it. Chargen is a good bit more behind schedule then I would have liked but sadly we've only got so many resources to allocate so sometimes things need to get pushed back a bit. We've made some modifications to how it'll work once it's coded but some roadblocks to actually getting it coded have cropped up, (along with a minor communications error) running us into a bit of a brick wall we need to either climb over or knock down before we proceed to allowing people through chargen proper. The wiki hasn't seen much work since my last update but I'm definitely going to post some more delicious delicious pages onto it so you guys have new content to read. Don't worry on that front it just takes something of a back seat to all the other work that needs to get done for the wiki to mean much. I've successfully managed to modify the Flaws, Extra's and Examples to a point that I'm confident they're ready for testing as written. We just need to work some of the details into a coded format and they'll be ready to throw right into the realm of chargen. Other then that progress is moving steadily forward as it has been. I'm not taking any breaks from creating content for this place, and hopefully we'll be able to get back onto our internal schedule, and before you know it move on to an open beta. I'll warn that's still a good ways off however.