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  • Pitcrew

    Re: Shadowrun Denver: New Plot(s)
    Fallout from August Plot:
    A Mr. J, ex-CEO of a R&D firm, loses his head and a game changing chip in the Warrens(Denver Barrens) and a major corporation gains the upper hand. Meanwhile, a new arms dealer has taken over large swaths of gang territory uniting them under a singular umbrella - but or what purposes?

    All while powerful forces conspire to de-throne and upset the Council of Princes in the Tir Taingire. Hestaby and Lowfyr vie for a seat at the table or is something worse at stake?

    These are active staff plots seeking past/present or even Brand New SR:Denver player-participants.

    Denver Shadowrun MU is a multi-player environment set in Denver in 2076. This fractured city gives ample opportunity for shadowrunners to delve into a myriad of possible story lines, from political intrigue to mob wars to deals with dragons. The game also branches out into North America and the world, with narrative storytelling and player interaction.*
    Port: 1999

  • Coder

    I tried sparing time for checking out @Finn and his/her plots that have been going up lately and I have to admit, they were awesome. I didn't get a chance (real life, death in the family) to participate as much as I wanted to, but the scenes and legwork I got involved with made me feel more than just a tiny cog in the wheel.

    It even caused a lot of street side RP to take place, which was doubly awesome.
    So thanks, @Finn! Great work!

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