Dead Celebrities: 2017 Edition

  • Love Jerry Lewis. Rest in peace. x

    I don't want to be remembered. I want the nice words when I can hear them - Jerry Lewis

  • Pitcrew

    Preceded into death by his career, which he smothered to death on-air during the MDS telethon in 2007.

  • @The-Tree-of-Woe said in Dead Celebrities: 2017 Edition:

    Preceded into death by his career, which he smothered to death on-air during the MDS telethon in 2007.

    I'm not sure if I've ever mentioned just how much I hate activists and their reality distortion fields.

    2006 Telethon: $61m
    2007 Telethon: $64m
    2008 Telethon: $65m <--- world economy melts down starting about here
    2009 Telethon: $60m
    2010 Telethon: $59m <--- last time Jerry Lewis hosts
    2011 Telethon: $61m
    2012 Telethon: $59m
    2013 Telethon: $60m
    2014 Telethon: $57m
    2015 Telethon: doesn't exist
    2016 Telethon: doesn't exist
    2017 Telethon: won't exist
    2018 Telethon: won't exist
    2019 Telethon: won't exist
    2020 Telethon: won't exist

    Yeah, you can sure see the slump in the fortunes of the MDS Telethon until they kicked Lewis to the curb, followed by its meteoric rise without the Lewis albatross around their neck.

    Do I like what he did and said? No. Do I think he was right to do and say it? Not a fucking chance in Hell. Did it smother his career? Evidence indicates otherwise. He hosted three more telethons after the incident, telethons that made loads of money despite a world-wide economic catastrophe, and then--after he was shuffled at first aside, then off completely--the telethons went down into a death spiral until they were mercifully euthanized.

    The lesson to be taken from this? Only in social media land does one slur uttered in the heat of the moment get magnified into "ZOMG HE SO TOTALLY DESTROYED HIS CAREER FOREVERZ!" Sane people apparently recognized it for what it was: an unfortunate (and, I should stress, because I just know someone, somewhere is itching now to paint me as a homophobe, repugnant) slip; the kind that EVERY HUMAN BEING ALIVE has made in the past and will make again in the future when under stress.

  • Coder

    @WTFE I've seen cricket played and I agree with what he said about cricket.
    Maybe he should have said instead that cricket is a game for pussies. :-P
    I think at 82, he could say whatever the hell he wanted and the world could piss off.

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