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    I am sort of baffled by the stuff I hear re: klonopin.

    I had a doctor try me on it once and it might as well have been a sugar pill. I had absolutely no response to it. But other people talk about it like @Aria. Like it hits them super hard.

    This is me with Oxy.

  • ...was absolutely there for two days, re: 'wtf is going on?' medication.

    Codeine (in any form) makes me aggressive, hyper, moody as fuck. (Hydromorphone can go die in a fire; it does all of that and makes me either awake for 3 days in a row or only awake 2 hours a day, I lose any and all sense of balance, spend a lot of time blankly staring at walls, and it gives me a migraine the whole time. WTF, demon pill?!) The only thing that doesn't seem to have a nasty-ass side effect is ye olde actual morphine, which, yeah, if you're in the hospital, sure, but they are not gonna send that shit home with you. (Nor should they, IMO.)

    Minor surgery 2 weeks ago. 1x100mg vicodin x 6-8 hours. Irritable as hell, sleep's all over the map, but nothing dies and nobody (that I am aware of) is in need of a horrified apology.

    Slightly less minor surgery Monday. It suggests 2, every 4-6 hours. Notice the detail that's missing here? So did I. And this shit hurts, so I was taking two, though I was taking two every 8 hours, because I did not want to risk becoming Satan incarnate.

    Yeah, that detail was kinda relevant, though, because what I hadn't noticed was that each of these was 300mg. So we're talking 'six times the bitchyface'.

    It was a very colorful two days before I figured this out, that's really all there is to say about that. :/ I do not even want to know what I may have typed in various messengers or emails, since apparently my mother is so horrified by an argument we had that she isn't speaking to me -- and I do not even remember speaking to her. At all. And I am getting the 'you know what you said!' routine so I do not even know what I'm supposed to be groveling about or apologizing for, and I feel bad and have attempted to do so, but she literally will not tell me what the hell I said that was so upsetting. (It wouldn't be profanity or snark, either, because while she'd always chide my father for using crude language around me when I was a kid, I absolutely learned to snark and swear from her! So I am at a genuine loss here.)

  • Pitcrew

    @Paris said in Health and Wealth and GrownUp Stuff:

    This is me with Oxy.

    Same. Rarely, rarely, percocet will get me into 'sit and stare at the wall in a daze' but not generally.

    Ambien used to work, doesn't anymore. Trazodone doesn't work night-of, but leaves me feeling drugged the next day.

    I hate my body's resistance. :(

  • Pitcrew

    Good news and good news!

    Last night I did some rough math and have about $100 of wiggle room during the move itself. Between the cost of the truck, the stuff I need (for the cat, the snacks/drinks I'm buying ahead of time to limit food stops, etc.), gas, the one motel night... I over-estimate costs, so hopefully it'll be more. But right now? $100. That's a buffer. That's still enough to get groceries. And I get paid the following week. And my first month's rent is low, due to the move-in deal.

    So it's not bad, but it's def. in the range of 'hopefully I have no emergencies' and 'thank god someone got me a AAA membership'

    I was changing my address on my secured credit card and found out they upped my credit line! Now I tend to treat this thing as a 'forget it exists.' The line has been low because shite credit and all and during this whole 'moving' deal it's been needing to use it for things like doctor visits and meds (which I have a lot of and are expensive) and I've been unable to pay off the full amount each month. So in the back of my head it was 'last desperate resort so long as it's a cheap emergency'

    But! Now I've got a bit more available there. Still not a lot (because secured credit), but more. I'm gonna use some to get a haircut this weekend. I count that as important because my hair contributes to my headaches/migraines, which is sort of an important thing to consider when driving 8-10 hours a day.

  • Pitcrew

    The initial 'Woo, yeah, move!' is wearing off and/or I'm having one of those weeks where my meds just aren't quite good enough.

    Gotta love chemical depression.

    All I wanna do is curl up in a corner of the closet under a blanket.

  • Admin

    Today the barbell wouldn't move, someone must have glued it to the floor.

    But now the fun part begins. Okay gravity, you took your best shot... it's my turn. :)

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