Usekh aka Branwen@Darkspires

  • Pitcrew

    I loved Lachlan. This is such heartbreaking news. :/ We had a ton of fun in Minecraft and gaming in general.

  • Coder

    He was a good guy who I really only knew through this site, and yet he was light hearted and humane. His passing diminishes us.

    And to restate what has become a mantra to my life lately: Fuck Cancer.

  • I followed his battle that he would talk about on here and back on WORA. I admired his strength to be able to handle everything that came at him with a sense of grace. He never seemed down about it, he always seemed to accept it for what it was and fight forward despite that.

    I never knew him on any place but here, but I always admired that about him.

    And for the rest of us? We're all a little lesser for his passing. He will be missed.

  • Loved his character on DarkSpires. Humour is the best and only weapon against this darkness and Branwen wielded it sharply.

    Fuck cancer, man. Fuck cancer.

  • Creator

    Only just found this, but...if it makes a difference, his gaming online was mentioned at the funeral service as having been a great and positive part in his life. The friends he made there, and more (er, but not any enemies ;). The funeral was good, and his views on euthanasia and politics were celebrated there.

    I also had a lot of people's RL names/Online names added to the 'guestbook' there. Can't give a list, but chances are if you commented on his Facebook or online about being not able to be present at the funeral, I found you and added you (I had dozens).

  • @owlhome Just wanted to say, thank you for doing this. :)


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