Star Trek Theme/Setting Discussion

  • @Bobotron Thanks for the info. I have not heard of Leverage but I do own Firefly, Serenity, BSG and the standalone Cortex Classic book. Unfortunately I haven't actually read any of them :)

    I'll poke through them today after church to get an idea of how well those systems might work on a MUSH.

  • @ThatGuyThere

    Hell, you could use the Flashback mechanic as Technobabble mechanic. All it does is set up the use of Assets (things around you that help your roll), so...

  • Pitcrew

    Yeah thatwould work and give the players some fun in coming up with the technobabble, which with the group I normally table top with would quickly become the highlights of the sessions.

    For MUSH suitability, regular cortex should work fine, though I would avoid the cortex + flavors that deal a lot with specific relationships mechanically, for example Smallville and Firefly, (Serenity uses cortex not plus) since characters on Mushes are a lot less connected to each other than the chars in a tabletop.

  • Smallville is the only one that really uses the relationship maps.
    Serenity uses some stress tracks/knockout mechanics that are different, like a combo between Cortex Classic and Cortex Plus.
    Cortex Classic is a more standard game, where you don't have the option to make Assets, Distinctions and such things in the narrative manner. It's a 'make pools and total numbers' and success is more like Unisystem, a bit.

    Hence why I suggested Leverage.