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    Ok guys, first off, thanks SO MUCH for all your support thus far! As stated previously, we're in Beta testing now as far as CG and the Grid go. We have to add some information to our +help files, and test our +roll system, other than that, our game is PLAYABLE.

    The wiki has only a couple of things left to fill out until completion.

    That being said, our opening date is scheduled for November 20th.

    This delay is due to the fact that during that weekend, Squirtle, Cubone, and myself will be out of town at a Con! So, what better way to end that weekend than opening the game? (Plus, we don't want to open just to disappear so soon.)

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    @rizbunz A suggestion: Update your first post in this thread with the current information, including the URL to your wiki, opening date, any theme changes etc.

  • @arkandel Done and done. Thanks!

  • Whee!

  • This post is deleted!

  • 15 Days and counting! Hope you guys are still excited and are thinking of what you'd like to bring to the game!

  • First, kudos to you guys on cleaning up and clarifying the text of the wiki so well! Nicely done.

    Second, are you giving the folks from Atlantis any disadvantage like needing to be submerged or having to use a water rebreather or are they like the original Aqualad and Meara and can breathe normal air just because they can? (The comics go both ways on this one.)

    Third, if I can make a suggestion from the peanut gallery, I notice there is no mechanical reason to play a human. If your game is going to have a system, then people are going to min/max. And if Atlanteans, Amazons and Metas are all flat-out better (and they are), you're going to get less human characters than would make sense for a game in Gotham.

    A thematically appropriate advantage that goes along with the discounts you give the non-humans might be to cut humans a break on buying skills. In the DC universe, extremely skilled people who pick up different disciplines with an ease that would be enviable in real life are basically the norm. And the whole Batman family is based on that idea.

    Just a thought.

    In any case, good luck and I look forward to see what you guys do with the place! :)

  • @collective OK so! Going down the list here.

    First off, thanks! It's a whole heaping work in progress and has been for awhile. That being said, everything needs work even if you get to a 'stopping' point. Progression, woo!

    Secondly, Atlanteans can breathe as they'd like above water. However, it should be considered a negative if they spend too much time in the toxic water ways of Gotham. That, however, is up to the ST running a scene at the time, but just a thought.

    Third, humans get more XP than anyone else. They're going to be lower on the stat deck than Atlanteans and Amazons because both are not human. And you can min-max if you wish (because we know that happens), but with our XP system and costs, that means you're GREAT at one thing and lacking in all others. So far, however, we've had no problem with anyone being interested in playing humans. A majority of people playing ARE wanting to be humans. Also, Atlanteans and Amazons will be scaled back and limited to how many can be played at one time should it become overly flooded.

    For now, nothing is going to change with how the system is set up. If we see something overly broken, we will fix it at a later date.

    Thank you! We hope it goes along swimmingly, too.

  • Opening day is almost upon us. That being said, I wanted to post up a few reminders for everyone intending on joining the game!

    Firstly, THANK YOU so much for giving our game a try. Your support means a great deal to us and we hope we’ve made something that others have been wanting and/or needing. We’re super excited to be here (no pun intended) and hope that you are, too. There are a few things I’d like all players to keep in mind, though, as we begin this journey together.

    1. A majority of Staff live in Australia. That means WEIRDO time zones. We’ll be here when we can be for as long as we can. That being said, we will have a couple other Staffers that are Stateside that may help you. If they don’t know something, they will contact us and we will get back to you ASAP.

    2. Since this is a new game, and I stupidly (awesomely?) decided to open after the opening weekend of Justice League, we may get flooded. That being said, as before, we will handle all applications as QUICKLY as possible. You may not be officially rping for about two to three days, but that doesn’t mean you cannot have scenes using the RP rooms as you’d like. We’ll be quick, we just ask for your patience over the initial opening weeks.

    3. HAVE FUN! We’re here to help you have as much fun as you possibly can. We hope everything is running smoothly, but this doesn’t mean there won’t be changes down the road, or lil bugs here or there. If you find something, let us know! We’ll have things fixed/changed/edited as quickly as possible. Also, if you have ideas or need something ran for you; don’t hesitate to let us know, either. We’re not just Staffers, we’re Story Tellers, too!

    4. We’re nervous, but eager. Be gentle, it’s our first time. See you all on grid!


    Sorry for any delays on opening day, guys. Just got an email saying our server provider will be doing maintenance that day.

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    Well, okay.

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