Flashpoint: Gotham

  • Hey guys!

    Just wanted to let you know that if you have any questions, or wish to chat with me, feel free to add me on Skype!

    You can reach me at fpgotham.ev@gmail.com. Just let me know in your add message what you're adding me for! <3


    Level Four Powers are finally up. Also, the Powers section has been cleaned up and revamped a bit.

  • Coder

    I need this game.

    Any ideas when you are opening it for alpha/beta testing?

  • I know who I want to play as! It is just a matter of whether or not I can get to them first!

  • Coder

    @Apu I don't even want an FC, I got burning OC concepts in my brain meatz

  • @Lithium Not as of yet. Hopefully, we're skipping Alpha and Beta all together. We're working on getting EVERYTHING into place and testing it ourselves to be opening the doors.

    Hopefully, we'll be open within the next month, or sooner!

  • @Apu Who are you looking to play? :)

  • @RizBunz

    I would say but then I'd just wind up cursing myself by the character being snagged by someone else. :D

  • @Apu That's what private messages are for, my friend. ^_^

  • Admin

    Maybe I can use some costumes to get me back into MU*ing.

  • alt text ?

  • Admin

    My next PB!


    So, after speaking with my amazing Coder, we should be set to open the game in October. It's tentative, as I don't have a specific date in mind just yet.

    Should things continue as they are, then October is the magic month.

    If we hit a snag, we'll open in November at the latest!

  • Admin

    @RizBunz These are good news. I think I'll give you guys a try when you open.

    Anyone wanna team up?

  • @Arkandel Thanks so much! I hope you have a good time there!

  • Besides the Skype channel, I also want to invite prospective players to join our Discord channel. Please remember to be courteous and kind to your fellow players!



    The wiki has had another update. Some colors are changed and powers have been completed up to Level 4.

    Also, the 'Where do I start' information has been changed (just added a 'rolls' section). Armory is up (but not complete), as well as Damage/Combat (Completed) and Equipment (Completed.)

    Give it a read if you'd like!

  • Admin

    @RizBunz Although you guys have been obviously working on mechanics, there doesn't seem to be much on the wiki about theme or general setting information.

    For example at which point in the Flashpoint timeline is the game based on? What is Gotham like? You mention which characters are unavailable for play but which ones are dead and which are simply NPC-only? Which teams are active when the game opens?

    Stuff like that can help.

  • @Arkandel All in due time. We're ironing out the hard bits before posting up things about fluff. Also, a snippet of a news article was posted earlier here, which is also part of the game itself in the Gotham Gazette.

    To answer any questions here, though:

    It's not set at a specific point. It's based ON the Flashpoint series, but is not copy and paste completely.

    Gotham is dark and gritty as per what Gotham do. This is something that's been spoken about to interested players thus far, but a main bit of the setting will be focusing on street level activities, and the affects of the global economy due to the war.

    There aren't so much 'teams' as Amazons, Atlanteans, and whatever else you'd like to try and be. That, too, is set up in the playable races section of the wiki. If it's not banned or restricted, we're pretty open to building up teams and the like as per player suggestions and plots.

    Information regarding why some characters are restricted, deceased, or NPCed only is in a blurb on the Restricted/Banned Policy.

    All of this will be fluffed out and pretty before opening. For now, we're putting the house together before slapping on the paint.

    EDIT: Though, you did remind me I need to make a page FOR that specific info on the wiki. Thanks!

  • Coder

    Still chomping at the bit for this one.

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