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    @Crysta said in NeverwinterMUSH:

    My advice is to get a website up like the one you can find at :P

    Though I guess you can just answer questions here, but they're likely to just come up again on the in-game channels.

    And they will, even if they're in your help files. Over. And over. I would say that dealing with people here is a more intense idea of dealing with people on a game. You're unlikely to get as many "your news file sucks and you should feel bad" live on game, but being able to reiterate to someone that this is a non-issue will make the rest of the audience know that you are a) on the ball, b) understanding, c) willing to send that ball back into someone else's court without aiming for their head/being bitter/being a jerk about it.

    You're doing fine, @NightAngel12.

  • Yeah -- I've worked in retail and I'm aware that some people just don't like to read -- but it may still decrease the overall volume. Which I would typically consider a good thing.

    You could, I don't know, have this thread and a wiki?

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    @Crysta said in NeverwinterMUSH:

    You could, I don't know, have this thread and a wiki?

    I get cheesed off when people say"read the wiki", especially when 'the wiki' is some 500+ pages. Or even when it's 5 pages and the information is merely implied via buried information across three different pages. Yes, technically the data is there, but there's no call for anyone to be belligerent toward anyone who needs a push. (Nobody has to be their helping hand, but 'look yourself' without link or hint is downright antagonistic.)

  • It's less cumbersome than a 500+ page thread, though. By leaps and bounds. Whenever I did forum RP I made sure to put all the important information in the first post and indexed it because I hated sorting through those things myself lol.

    I use them quite a bit - partly because I don't really want to bother staff with a question that they likely hear all the time.

    It requires some work but I think it's worth it in the long run.

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    Absolutely. Sorry, my "please don't act like a jackass to newbies" paranoia clicked in.

    Yes, get a wiki. Help people navigate your wiki. Love and happiness etc. etc.

  • @Thenomain No prob. It happens. :)

  • @Tennyson Hey there!
    So to answer you questions directly:

    1. The Weave still exists. Bane now controls it in the same way Mystra did, magic still works like normal except that certain spells have been disallowed. Namely Transportation spells.
      Mystrans as the church's faithful were given a choice to convert or die, no faithful to Mystra remain at this point. You don't have to follow Bane to be granted magic, that's not how the Weave works.

    2. The theme of our game is: Lifespan storytelling about a character within our world, as our world develops around them. We're hoping to see a character's story and if things that happen in the overall world affect them, we'd hope they tell us the story of how it affects them.

    3. This isn't specifically a combat simulation game. Combat can happen, we have code to help facilitate it, so if combat relates to scenes in your character's life then you're welcome to it. As for PvP, there are no faith based conflicts happening at the moment. The gods are leaving Bane alone because of the fact that he controls the Weave right now. So being Banite does not immediately mark you for PvP and being non-Banite does not mark you for PvP. If two characters would like to RP into PvP they are welcome to and we'll work to help support such RP.

    There's no 'one side' vs. 'the other' to our theme nor setting. I hope this helps and if you have any more questions. We have an in game +bboard titled 'Ask Staff' where you can post questions like these and we'll respond to them when we can.

  • @Crysta We recently started a wiki for our game. It wasn't high on the priority list for me because I'm incredibly busy IRL and I set up an in game space for players to ask me questions if I wasn't around to answer them.

    Asking me here really isn't a problem, I'm more likely to have the time to answer a question either here or in game than I am to write out an entire wiki's worth of information to handle every possible player question.

    Thank you for your constructive feedback though, Neverwinter Staff appreciate community assistance when it comes to developing our player's experiences with finding appropriate help.

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    I'm all for a familiar fantasy game being a RP-First sort of game, instead of a psuedo-MUD where combat is the focus and "RP" is people sitting around bar-chatting and waiting for the next DM-run Adventure/PRP.

    Keep doing what you're doing. People who are looking for RP in a fantasy setting will find you.

  • I have to admit, I was super stoked to see a D&D themed game... then I saw it was using FS3, no offense to @faraday but I just don't like the system to play in. @NightAngel12 Not knowing about the editions of true Dungeons and Dragons was even more upsetting. I wanted to play some Dungeons and Dragons like I play my World of Darkness but I have so far been unable to find a game that runs a DnD ruleset with an active enough playerbase.
    TL;DR I was pumped for D&D, let down by the actual 'rule set' being used and the lack of knowledge on the part of the game owner about D&D. Oh well, another day.

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