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    @arkandel said in Descent Reboot:

    What's your priority when you're rewriting the material? For instance are you concerned about balancing the Covenants against each other?

    My concern with blood magic is, yes, balancing the Covenants against one another insofar as "specials" are concerned. But it is also expansive: whereas 2E only provided 3 Coils and Scale sets, plus about 10 rituals per Cruac and Theban Sorcery, I'm on track to produce 30 Paths (5 rituals each) for 6 Covenants/Conspiracies.

    I've been sidelined by RL a bit, but I should be back on track in a couple of weeks.

  • The wiki has pictures! Wooo! Not much else, yet, but I have a gentleman working on getting the bones built for templates and formatting. I can fill in blanks readily enough, once I have forms for them.

  • Started a google doc to begin the process of working out a Settlers of Catan-like territory system.

    I have a couple of goals: I want to keep it simple, or at least easy in the sense of 'oh that makes sense and is easy to remember/reference with a wiki chart'. I want to keep it off of pc's sheets. It's a lot harder to min-max for a system when it never involves a +sheet.

    I have editing turned off, but commenting is on. I'm definitely open to suggestions.

    On a side note, we have altered the xp cap to 75 from the daily payouts, to keep prps rolling after folks hit that mark. 75xp is still plenty to make a well rounded or a pretty sharp sheet with, in 2.0.

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    @taika I see that Mortals and Mortal+ are mentioned on the wiki. Will they be allowed or is that just a placeholder?

  • @catsnake Yes. Mortals and Mortal+ will be allowed, though I don't think we've solidified just how + we're going to let things go. (Namely: the Mortal + character types presented in HL).

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    Wasteland Lost Boys cooking serums and talking upgrades around a slowly roasting cannibal bandit?

  • @royal Lost Boys are actually my biggest concern. I'd like to include them, because thematically, I think they'd be cool AF. But the upkeep of the serum and the IC lore surrounding that doesn't lend itself well to the setting.

    But if we reskin them somehow to be juiced up meth head types...

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    @shelbeast Ideas. I has thems. I'll message you and such.

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    I'm sorry, mistress, but I will get back on schedule after this week. Just finished up a trial, and am heading into depositions tomorrow.

  • @Ganymede - With all the shit on your plate right now? Don't worry about it. For reals. You have an insane job and kiddos, and a sick lady to tend to.

    Unless it helps you get a mental breather, then go for it. But: you're not allowed to feel bad or guilty. stern face

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