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    re, logging:

    If something is happening to you that is important enought hat a log will be needed for verification, do not present a text log--reduce the font size of your MU client, open it up to full screen if you don't have it already, and then proceed to screenshot the entire conversation, with each image having at its top a verifiably identical section as the bottom of the image before it.

    Yes, images can be doctored; no, most people won't think to doctor an image, they will think a text log is enough. It's not. As a staffer, if I am presented with screenshots of something and the other party gives me a text log that is different, the text log isn't going to be worth SHIT.

    I absolutely cringe at this advice.

    Well, I mean, screenshots are harder to doctor, easy to take.

    It's not that I won't take logs at face value unless I have reason not to, but if we´re talking about having the best possible evidence of bad behavior, a screenshot is way better than a text file.

    In my experience, getting people to log is hard. In my experience, the people preyed upon are not the most sophisticated around (though this is not entirely true).

    Screenshots are absolutely more likely to not be doctored, but just getting logs is a challenge.

    Absolutely, but that doesn't make my advice any more accurate.

    It just means protecting oneself takes effort, which is definitely a bad thing, but also a truth. I mean, if we're talking about "just getting them to log is a hassle", imagine the hassle of getting someone who is getting preyed upon to look at Sunny's guide and follow step by step... Most people are mid-panic by the time they realize this shit is going down.

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    @ganymede can confirm. I've never had someone I talk to about these accusations show me a conflicting log. More often, they immediately so "Oh, about SO AND SO? No no, we're friends."

  • It's even more cringeworthy when the 'so and so' they name is a completely different person than the one that actually spoke up.

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    It's funny when that happens.