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    @fortydeuce Oh, it was the one with rosters. Cause I had some CRAZY shit in my relationships that me and another character (Meg?) ended up arguing with staff to remove from both of us because it made ZERO SENSE for either character based on our backgrounds. Which was why we'd picked them from the roster!

    Apparently people did get plots and get to do things on there? But it wasn't us. So, we went a little space-crazy.

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    Yup. Which was the thing with Logan. He was written as a manipulator, but potentially Force Sensitive (mysterious "headaches" and the like). So I applied. Come to find out he was not Force Sensitive but an Imperial Agent, much to my surprise! I went with it, but it was a shock, and not really the character I had intended to play and had been hoping to play. If I'd been more used to rosters etc., I would have just tossed him back and found another character, but I had never been on Firan, so I didn't really realize you could do that.

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    @quinn said in Quinn's Playlist:

    I mostly played with Taye, Sevva, and Zane who, jesus christ, was played by Jensen Ackles and I think I might be the only person in the universe that does not think he's attractive in the slightest, but had two characters involved with people that used him as a PB.

    Bonus lulz cos Sevva had Jared Padalecki as a PB.

    There was some...pilot guy? That we were working with at one point.

    Cartwright, maybe? He was a smuggler who hung with Sevva.

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    @karmageddon I think it was Cartwright! He seemed cool, though I didn't have many scenes with him. I think I only had like two or three scenes with Zane. He was my character's boyfriend (already written in when I picked up the character!) and he was dull as dirt. Sorry Zane-player, but I don't understand why Trilony was dating anyone at all! I figured I'd play it up for like, protection? But ugh. So boring.

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    Bummer you found Zane-player a bore. I never dealt with him IC or OOC, but Cartwright and Sevva were great IC and OOC.

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    @karmageddon I dug up my old Sagas log and there was so much I did not remember! It was Cartwright and did they seriously have you pay XP for plots?! What?!

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    @quinn If you wanted Staff to specifically run something for you, yeah. Unsurprisingly, there were the usual accusations that the rule didn't apply to players who were friends of Staff or who were Staff.

    If I recall correctly, you also had to pay XP if you wanted a large purchase, such as your own capital ship or space station.

    You definitely had to pay a huge amount of XP if you wanted to have something named after you, like a maneuver known throughout the galaxy. For whatever reason, that tidbit is embedded in my memory.

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    @quinn said in Quinn's Playlist:

    Tenebrae: Isabelle, Sam, Aerin, and Cataclysm (staff alt). My first stupid dice game!

    I've tried to play there so many times, but I can just never get into the swing of it. Maybe because I want something faster paced, or at least with grid RP to fill the time between plots. =/ But mostly, I see 20 people on 35 sockets (Some with as many as 8 alts logged in at once, which to me just feels like shameless number padding), and 28 of them idling. It's really sad to me, because the lore and setting are great.

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    @ortallus I was last really active there...man, probably about ten years ago. 2008? I left earlyish 2009. But while I was there, there was lots of grid RP and some of the best grid-wide plotting I've ever seen. I heard they allow unlimited alts there which just seems...exhausting. And like it would be impossible to get alt-incesty. But maybe they have the playerbase to make it work? Almost everyone that I know that played there isn't there anymore. Someday @Cheesegrater will convince me to open a D&D game.

    When we're retired.

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    @quinn Ah yeah, I played back then and yes, it was a lot more active.

    The only one I know of that has THAT many alts is Whirlpool, who is still head wiz over there.

  • @quinn said in Quinn's Playlist:

    Someday @Cheesegrater will convince me to open a D&D game.

    You don't even have to open the game. We can just open an OOC room and run off the newbies with the toxic atmosphere before they finish cgen.

  • I have the worst goddam game idea she's busily talking me out of.

    After that we can go back to dumb DnD MU ideas. Like Eberron MU, but it uses GURPS. Or Ravenloft, but as a sitcom.

  • @theonceler Conan the Barbarian as directed by Wes Anderson

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