Some (all?) of us might be crazy!

  • Pitcrew

    I came across this today and thought MSB readers might have feelings on the topic. SO


  • Pitcrew

    I don’t know. Is there anyone who has gamed (mushing, mmo) for over 5-10 years who also enjoys the ooc community of things that doesn’t know someone or of someone who endangered their RL partnership or ignored rl problems in favor of escapism?

    I probably know of at least 4+ divorces, 3 unplanned pregnancies (one by someone different than the current rl partner), many job losses, many severe relationship problems, many self-medication with games not drugs, getting involved with severely abusive people who were fine LTR but not so fine in person, etc.

    It surprises me that it’s taken this long to be seen as a legitimate problem for some folks. I don’t like “addiction” being used for everything. But we recognize gambling/spending/sexual behavior/many other non-drug addictions so I don’t see why gaming can’t be one of them.

  • Admin

    Not only are we crazy, we're running our own asylum right here!

  • @arkandel Like that wasn't going to get 80s music junkie me to post a link to this at warp speed.

    (Bait, taken.)

  • Pitcrew

    I was crazy before this was dreamed up.

    Cue the Crazy Ex Girlfriend Musical Number!

  • Coder

    All addictions are forms of escapism. To me, all escapism runs a very high potential to be an addiction, at some level of severity.

    This one came along in the last two generations, and thus is just "coming to light" to researchers, who always seem to be several decades behind the advent of things.

    I think, in less years for them to have declared gaming an addiciton, social media addiction will be "discovered".


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