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  • (I went ahead and took down the original advertisement so I could have one that's a bit more polished and complete. Thank you all SO MUCH for all your initial questions and advice during those early times!)

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    Gotham City. A city so corrupt that it is collapsing around itself, the Mayors Office, The GCPD, Wayne Enterprises. There is nothing that you could not buy your way into with enough influence or wealth. All of that changed when the Batman came to Gotham city. The good people of Gotham could finally be seen standing up for what is right and fighting against the rampant crime and corruption that is tearing apart their city. Slowly bit by bit they were winning their city back.

    What would happen if the Batman never came to Gotham. What would happen if it was a different Batman. One who didn't seek to purge the crime and corruption of the city by bringing it into the light, but instead sought to flood the streets with the blood of the scum of Gotham.

    What if Superman landed in Metropolis instead of Smallville? The resulting Impact reducing the city to a crater before the infant was captured and rushed away by the government. What if the Atlanteans and Amazons sought to create an alliance by marriage only for it all to be torn apart in the worst way possible. The world torn apart as their war wages across entire continents.

    What would your life be like as a Citizen of Gotham in a world like this? Would you seek to right the wrongs of the worlds and rise as a hero? Would you seek justice for those that are wronged in this almost lawless land and join the GCPD? Would you seek to fight in the war as a mercenary, trying to bring it to an end through force of arms. Or perhaps trying your best to prolong the conflict so you can draw every last dollar from it you can. Or would you decide the world is beyond saving and turn your back on it? Reveling in your power as you take what you want and give nothing back.

    In Flashpoint Gotham all of this as possible. Come and play as a Human, Metahuman, Atlantean or Amazon. Play as an FC or as an OC. Make the character you have always wanted to make. Rise as one of the heroes of the Gotham City or make it tremble as a villain. The choice is yours.

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  • Pitcrew

    I'm having a lot of fun on this game, it's not the most active but it is picking up speed. I just hope it can keep ratcheting up the momentum and become a real bustling hub of rp. The highly focused setting of just one city really draws me in. It's nice not to have everyone spread across the world so you can never role-play with half the games populace.

  • @mr-johnson Thank you very much for your feedback, Mr. J! And thank you so much for playing on our game!

  • UPDATE: The FC purge has passed. A number of FCs are now open for play!


    Hey everyone (and anyone still looking on this thread), the game is going through...SOME UPDATES! Due to both work and illness, we're a lil behind on things, but the game will be going through an update regarding its power system and the like.

    We're also in talks of a code shift, but that is super pending!

    But hey! Progress!


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