General MSB announcements

  • Admin

    We might as well have a sticky here for site-wide stuff that probably don't interest most people.

    The first item: Users reported they weren't receiving e-mails. This was verified, and as of now we upgraded to postfix over sendmail. I tested just now and it works, but if it doesn't please let me know.

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    ... Second post! Already!

    So when I uninstalled sendmail since we no longer needed it, it didn't clean up after itself... but left a little present behind in /etc/network/interfaces.d/ , which was causing ifup -v eth0 to fail. In a layman's terms, the machine hosting MSB was up after that but it had no functional network until I fired up a console (thanks Linode for that) and figured out wtf had just happened.

    Sorry about the disruption.

  • Admin

    We had about a small unannounced downtime today. It's pretty rare for Linode to have those, but this is all I can tell you from their web interface:

    "We are aware of an issue affecting service to this Linode.

    If you are experiencing issues with this Linode, there is no need to issue any jobs or open a support ticket at this time. Please monitor our status blog for further information. Thank you for your patience and understanding."

    We seem to be okay now. I couldn't even access the server through the console before.

  • Admin


    Your Linode(s) have been assigned maintenance windows during which they will be rebooted. This maintenance is necessary to patch for variants 1 and 2 of the Spectre vulnerability[1].


    Your reboot schedule in UTC is as follows:

    2018-05-11 3:00:00 AM UTC - linode3343044

    The above listed maintenance windows cannot be altered, postponed, or rescheduled.

    A two-hour window is allocated for each reboot maintenance window, however, the actual downtime should be much less.

  • Coder


    I pity anyone who tries a Spectre attack and gets our memory space.

    (By pity I mean laugh a lot.)

  • Admin

    During what I thought was going to be typical maintainance nodebb decided to go completely belly-up.

    ... The good news is that, a couple of hours afterwards, I can verify our database backups work as intended! Also that we're now on the latest and greatest branch.

    The bad news is that any new posts, chats... anything at all created since this morning (4/14/2018) at 07:00 when the latest backup had been taken are lost in the aether. I do apologize about that.

  • Admin

    Our backups filled up the partition they were being saved on since apparently 30 days' worth of them got larger over time. Who knew.

    We'll be storing them on a much, much roomier partition now. Of course nodebb shit its pants at all this, so I took the chance to upgrade it as well.

    Sorry about the unscheduled downtime on a Friday night. Please let me know if anything I'm not looking at is on fire.

    Edit: In case anyone wondered what super duper new features this latest version brought to your screens, read and be amazed!