Shadows of Paradise: help wanted!

  • Coder

    My general problem with Beast is that the system talks about synergy with other supernaturals, but gives only a few examples in the core book. Perhaps they were planning (or have released) a book or books based on Beast + (Game Line of Choice).

    Best of luck, of course. I'm looking forward to see the implementation.

  • Coder

    Only tangentially related, but there was a time I wanted to do an Aberrant MU* set in Ibiza. There's so much tourist blowthrough in Ibiza the city is 'larger' than the census would suggest.

  • @Pacha

    What kind of extras are you allowing within the spheres that you offer? Like will you be allowing for custom Bloodlines with Vampires? Are you using all the options and character traits from splatbooks for Demon and Beast (ie Heirs to Hell)?

  • Pitcrew


    Hi Shelbest!

    We do want to allow as much as we can within reason and I know that our vampire staffer is really keen to have bloodlines, as well as Dhampir.

    Demon we are going to be much more cautious with as the potential for craziness is much greater. I know that the staffer we have on board is keen to make sure that she is working with a small, knowledgeable group of players. Stigmatics will be a thing for sure though.

    Though this might actually all be a bit of a non-starter unless we find another coder, and we are fairly early in development, so a lot may still change.

    Hope this was of at least some help!