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    Tucked against rising hills and the San Juan Mountains, Calaveras seems a sleepy Colorado town; at least on a postcard image. Here people live their lives. From first responders on hand to rescue stranded tourists on the slopes of Antler Pass to the men and women that bust bulls and broncos at the rodeos over at Jackfield Stadium; from the ranchers out at Granja Basin to the few hipsters on Smelter Street. Calaveras is a typical small city in the Great American West that is Southern Colorado.

    Calaveras is a MUSH focused on adult drama genres. Take any adult drama series and this is a place to play out similar drama. Looking for the troubles of operating a university and facing its challenges from sports team drama to any 'isms the school may face (The Quad), we have it. Looking for living the down and out life (Shameless) and trying to get by from day to day, we have it. Power play and drama among the wealthy (Dynasty, Dallas), executives and agents in the corporate life (Mad Men), crime and medical drama (take your pick of the many), hardships of life and middle age dealing with the past (This is Us).

    If this sounds interesting feel free to look:

    We look forward to meeting, Jack and Sally.

    (ETA: I'm not Jack or Sally, just tossing this ad up here since I noticed it wasn't already)

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    Just wanted to give a bump to this and let everyone know that the rest of October is jammed with events (at least 1 a week until Halloween). November is likely to be very similar. There's also a semi overarching plot that's begun regarding a tech company that is starting to make its mark on the small town.

    That being said, we've got an active 'black hat' group making trouble on grid! There are a handful of active cops & medical people as well. And lots of shop owners/townies to make life fun! We're a good group of solid RPers who are laid back OOCly. So if you're looking to find a place with a chill OOC community where you can have lots of fun Rping, stop on by :)

  • Omg jack and sally!

    I loved one of the games they put out and was looking forward to doing the campaigny thing they had set up but they closed the doors cause no one bit

  • Do they do like Burn Notice style of stuff too? Or is it all slice of life drama?

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    @magee101 can you clarify what you mean by burn notice stuff?

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    Burn Notice is a TV show from USA where a BURNED US spy is living in Miami and doing this serialized 'mission of the week' for desperate people who are in trouble. Google it, decent show.

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    @magee101 said in Calaveras MUSH:

    Do they do like Burn Notice style of stuff too? Or is it all slice of life drama?

    A lot of it is self-started. So, like, @thesuntsar, @bear_necessities, and I decided we wanted to play criminals... so we created some criminals and started doing stuff.

    If you wanted to play a Michael Westen type, I'm sure you could, as long as you take ownership for coming up with stuff to do. Jack and Sally have put some things out for the game at large and individual players, but a lot of it is "what do you want to play? cool, play that."

    The PrP policy is really flexible. Want to burn down a store? Go for it. Want to burn down the town? Ask first.

  • The show burn notice, burnt spy fighting against the ppl that burned him and trying to get his life back thru a series of whacky advenyures and explosions

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    With that chick with the horrible accent. Jesus.

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    @shincashay And Bruce Campbell

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    @magee101 You shouldn't have too much difficulty with a character like that, as long as there's no problem with sticking to the confines of the town. You can go elsewhere with the TP rooms, but the RP will be focused on the town and the people who live there. I'm sure we can dig up people (PCs or NPCs) that might need your help. We're all willing to do what we can to make sure everyone on the grid is having a good time. And as @krmbm said, there is a criminal element to contend with as well, so there's that aspect to consider.