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    Class-related gripe:

    My spec script this month is for an episode of New Girl. If you're unfamiliar, the main character Jess has a best friend: Cece. Now, Jess frequently calls Cece 'Ceec.' This is how I've seen it in closed captions and on production scripts both. It is not a rare diminutive. Jess uses it often; I'd say roughly once per episode.

    In the class, we have a handful of shows we could have chosen to write for (New Girl, Brooklyn 911, Big Bang Theory, NCIS, Elementary, and The Walking Dead) and we were expected to watch a lot of our chosen show and at least a couple episodes of the others so as to better provide feedback for our classmates (each Sunday, I've had 6 scripts to review).

    You'd think the instructor would be well-familiar, too.

    And yet, one classmate out of them all (our 'review' groups have changed and if someone in your group doesn't post their script in time, you pick someone else at random to review)... has picked up on why I use 'Ceec' a couple times in the script (and only in Jess' dialogue). Everyone else, including my instructor (who took points off for it) has complained about me misspelling the name.

    Last week I did provide a comment to the effect of 'I just want to clarify...' and I did point it out to my instructor (along with photos of the set to show that yes, I was referring to a part of the Loft accurately tyvm), but my god it's vexing.

    I've watched a couple episodes of shows I can't stand so I can accurately review their shit... They can't do the same?

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    @aria said in RL Anger:

    I know that sounds harsh, but we as a culture -- and especially women -- are often encouraged to 'be the bigger person' and 'find healing through forgiveness'.

    The Chinese often promote this as well.

    Yet the full lesson goes on. Forgiveness is more than just not holding anger against someone; it also includes forgetting that they exist. That led to many, many odd conversations with my mother, for example:

    Mom: Why you still talk to her?
    Me: Because I forgave her.
    Mom: So why you still talk to her?
    Me: Mom, she's my friend.
    Mom: No, she's not.
    Me: You told me to forgive her.
    Mom: Yes, you forgive her. That mean you don't try to hurt or kill her. It does not mean you let her act like nothing has happened.

    I still hold to that logic to this day.

  • @ganymede I like your mom's thinking.

  • @ganymede Your mom has way more sense than my mom on that front. Way more.

    (After being hit by a crazy asshole who ran a red light and nearly killed me and my passenger... )
    Me: "Why are you screaming at me about the medical bills?"
    Mom: "Because the car insurance isn't willing to pay for more treatments."
    Me: "Then sue the asshole that plowed my car into a telephone pole!"
    Mom: "We're Catholic, you turn the other cheek!"
    Me: "But even the quack you sent me to says I shouldn't even be walking yet and my fever is still over 103!"
    Mom: "Turn. The. Other. Cheek!"
    Dad: "And get back to class, you have a science test, remember?!"

    <twenty years pass>

    Mom: "I can't run errands today, I have to stay home to be here when the lawyer calls back."
    Me: "...lawyer? What happened, mom?!"
    Mom: "Oh, the car insurance won't pay any more of my medical bills from when the guy rear-ended Cynthia's SUV three years ago and dinged her bumper."
    Me: "..."

    ...not that I'm still bitter or anything about not being able to lift anything over 5lbs ever since...

  • Admin

    I left the gym at 7:15, parking outside isn't allowed after 7... $150 ticket. Are you kidding me?! I didn't run over anyone, wtf.

  • Pitcrew

    Fuck people that don't bathe and then ride the bus.

    Lady I used to hang out around punk rockers and none of them ever smelled this bad.

    Thank God there was another seat open.

  • Pitcrew

    Kidney stones. FML.

  • Admin

    @sunny Oh, ouch. :( My sympathies. I've never had any but I've heard it be described as the worst pain ever.

  • @arkandel THE worst. Passing them was considerably worse than having them, in my case. Peeing out several jagged chunks of calcium is not a fate I'd wish on any... my wo... okay most people.

  • Pitcrew

    fuck migraines

  • Coder

    @auspice said in RL Anger:

    fuck migraines


  • Admin

    @auspice said in RL Anger:

    fuck migraines

    Sorry honey I have a... wait.

  • Pitcrew

    Once again: fuck migraines.

    And fuck medications that you can't take more than X times in a week because they'll cause rebounds.

    I'm almost tempted to risk it. :|

  • Admin

    Castle, Frank.

    The station has actually been part of my commute for years!

  • @arkandel That is actually sort of neat. It makes me smile to see more people embrace the joys of geekdom, and that's pretty clever. (Also, nicely done ads from the look of things. Sometimes ads for comic stuff get a bit gonzo in the bad way visually or go all kinds of rainbow-happy.)

    Anger: ow, ow, hand cramps from filling out almost a thousand tiny little price labels. Typing is actually letting my palm stretch finally and it is AHHHHHHHHHHHhhh...

    Bonus anger: knowing the more my hand cramps, the less legible my handwriting gets, and the more of those labels I'mma have to redo. :/

  • My oldest friend has now buried both her parents, seven weeks apart.

  • Pitcrew

    @misadventure Much sympathy to her. Mine passed away within five months of each other, and that was pretty hard. Within two months and I would have been a wreck.

  • Pitcrew

    There's a special place of suffering for people who set the office thermostat to 77.

    77! WHY

  • Admin

    @auspice BECAUSE IT'S COLD

  • @auspice I would wear a bikini into that office on principle.

    I will unabashedly note that I am not a person who should ever be seen by other living beings in a bikini, not even my cats, or the bacteria that live on eyelashes.

    For purposes of the above statement, anyone setting an office thermostat to 77 is a plastic potted palm tree, and absolutely deserves what they get.