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  • Coder

    My dear (not actually a) stalker asked how to highlight names without highlighting words that contain that name. Ie, Mae but not Maelstrom.

    Create a new event:

    • Event Name: Name Highlight
    • Pattern: (?:^|\W)Name(?:$|\W)
      ** Put your name there instead of 'name'
    • Type: regexp
    • Case: Checked
    • Enabled?: Checked
    • Continue?: Checked
    • Match All?: Checked
    • Run When: Always
    • Change FG: Color of your choice

    That should do it... Please note, like every time anyone ever uses of regexp I have no idea what I'm doing and just copied and pasted some code until I found the stuff that worked. So let me know if it's not working for you?

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