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    I might pick it up this weekend. I've been on the fence because other bsg-bases games have been...not so much with the good, but this looks like my jam.

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    @sg said in General Video Game Thread:

    I picked up Battlestar Galactica Deadlock last night. It's a lot like the table top Attack Wing or X-Wing but without character cards, I'm liking it!

    I've been meaning to grab it. I even have a coupon for it.

    Just that Vampyr won out for my current 'big' game purchase. I am glad to hear that it's fun!

  • @auspice It's 50% off right now on a steam daily deal.

  • Paradox Interactive bought Harebrained Schemes, the company that made the new Battletech game (Along with a few great Shadowrun games).

    That, and the close relationship Paradox has with Obsidian could bring us some pretty damn great WoD video games.

  • @Admiral
    Yes with HBS having access to the engines for Stellaris and other Paradox games, it means that their future games could be quite interesting. I like that the deal, at least so far as HBS told its Kickstarter Backers, is that they are still an independent game studio for the most part. We'll see how that works out.

    The first game that is supposed to come out under the WoD license published by Paradox is currently a Werewolf: The Apocalypse game that is in development by Cyanide Studios; rumor is that it will be a Dark Souls style of game in terms of character perspective and combat mechanics which will mix in the transformation aspects found in the tabletop.

  • Coder

    While I wold be happy if HBS made Shadowrun games through the end of time, I’m very happy for them for this development. I hope that Paradox is the kind of company to give it’s developers some autonomy and not be, e.g., like EA which kills franchises for their life energy so that they can shamble around making a few touch ups on their yearly Madden.

    I am still paying Battletech. I think I am halfway through. 1149 days of the revolution and counting.

  • So yesterday Valve announced that it is done policing what it is on steam, so long as it isn't illegal, or trolling.

    Today we have AIDS simulator.

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    @insomnia said in General Video Game Thread:

    Today we have AIDS simulator.

    Is it similar to That Dragon, Cancer?

  • @ganymede No. While That Dragon Cancer is an experience written by the game's creator and how he dealt with cancer in his life, AIDS Simulator is done b known asset flippers who have done games in the past called things like ISIS Simulator, and Suicide Simulator, Glitch Simulator, Triggering Simulator, and Blackscreen Simulator.

    Which is to say that the gates were never really there in the first place, now Valve is just admitting it. Also the School Shooting Simulator that was recently yanked from Steam would not have been pulled due to the new rules. (It was in fact pulled because of the publisher hinky-ness and not the content itself.)

  • @insomnia
    I recall a conversation you and I had on steam about a year ago about the glut of 'simulator' games. I guess I was just overreacting then given what is out now. I mean looking back: Fleet and Logistics Simulator, Surgeon Simulator, Delivery Truck Simulator and all those other weird niche simulator games don't seem too bad now.

  • @jaded At least they are still games. This particular game dev just does asset flips and don't care. Glitch Simulator 2018 for example can be remade in less than 25 minutes and if you watch the whole thing you can't tell the difference between the original game and the remake at the end.)

    And they don't even try to hide it; they have a game called Asset Flip Simulator which has a DLC called Actual Assets (For Asset Flip Simulator).

    But at least now games can have nudity on Steam. Oh wait, games like Space Explorers always have, where they had nudity in the thumbnails which was against Valves policies at the time. Or games like House Party where you pressed P to whip out your penis, masturbate and all manner of drunken gross things.

    Then there is the fact that there were over 7,000 new games added to Steam in 2017. In 2007 there were 127.

    Like I said, the gate has been blown away a long time ago, Valve is just admitting to it now. In theory it makes sense; more than two people can't decide on pizza toppings, so letting people decide what is appropriate for them to play. It really feels though like it's just too much and Valve doesn't want to deal with it anymore.

  • And that dev has now been pulled from Steam.

  • Coder

    So, Anthem. Is it more Halo + Battlefield, or Destiny?

  • Pitcrew

    @thenomain From the latest I hear it'll be like Destiny with better story and easier to solo play, but there's worries that the actual gunplay wont be as good.

  • @thenomain
    Pretty much Anthem is in the same genre niche that Destiny and Warframe are in. Probably made with them in mind as competition.

    From the release information the game is a 4 player co-op MMO with no PVP. They said it will have a single player experience, at least as of E3, but it will be under forced online conditions - putting you in the game world where you will still see online world chats and other activity from players not in your single player instance.

    Basing this off early footage - the game looks well done graphically and the interface is nice and sleek so it looks good. But my overall concern looking at Anthem is that as an online MMO style game it might fall into that bracket where Titanfall 1 and Battlefield 1 fell into - which was a hot debut and then within six months the games are wastelands devoid of players.

  • @jaded I thought Evolve, actually.

  • @insomnia
    I was thinking Evolve while watching the video but there were enough notable differences that make it a harder comparison. But as far as co-op goes, yeah I would agree. Interestingly, ever person will have access to every 'class' which is represented by different mech suits. But from the material that was also provided it still seems like the best 'team build' will be 1 tank mech, 1 healing/support mech, 2 dps mechs. So pretty stock MMO party build it seems like.

  • Coder

    From this article:

    "I would say a majority of the people at BioWare are working on Anthem, but we do have people who are figuring out what a next Dragon Age would look like,” Hudson says. When asked about Mass Effect, Hudson said: "It’s my baby. I helped start Mass Effect from the beginning. Of course we intend to get back to it at some point."


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    CYBERPUNK 2077

    i cannot wait

  • I was told tonight that the Last of Us 2 might drop in October, for those waiting.