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  • I got Detroit: Become Human from the Black Friday sale.

    Hold on, just a little while longer...

    This game is going to stick with me for a long, long time.

  • @selira said in General Video Game Thread:

    I got Detroit: Become Human from the Black Friday sale.

    Hold on, just a little while longer...

    This game is going to stick with me for a long, long time.

    I'm really sad I didn't have the monies to get that one, too. That's also on my list of games I need.

  • Pitcrew

    Just finished the main quest for PS4 Spider-Man.

    This pretty much sums everything up.


  • I took advantage of the recent sale to buy Banner Saga 2 and 3, having enjoyed the original but then failed to follow up on it.

    I guess I am going to be engaging in tactical RPG saga action for a while.

  • Pitcrew

    Saw the trailer for The Outer Worlds. Obsidian? Making a game that's (not)Fallout crossed with Mass Effect crossed with a western feel?

    Sign me the fuck up.

  • I have been putting far too many hours into Kenshi, which is a moderately janky but really interesting game which is a kind of quasi RPG sandbox in what I can only describe as a post apocalyptic Samauri-punk setting. It is really brutal to start with but I am now at the point of having eight characters and a house.

    Two of the characters mine copper outside of town, research things (occasionally) and cook food, this gives me a steady trickle income.

    The other six venture out into the wilderness to explore and loot ruins or fight everything from freakish wildlife to bandits. My biggest haul so far was looting an ancient and mostly ruined library which was defended by a swarm of 'Security Spiders'. Which appeared to be a mass of 30+ small but murderous spiders who, after downing a character, would immediately try to bite off their limbs. Fortunately my main character was a very fast badass by this point with a huge sword that could cripple multiple spiders with each blow and I managed to wear them down without anyone suddenly becoming in need of prosthetics.

    On the way back I was attacked by a 'Beak Thing' though which was rather dangerous. According to the wiki 'Beak Things' eat their prey alive and normally come in large groups, I was rather lucky to meet only one and thus be able to kill it without more than moderate injuries.

    Edit: Now raiding a mine of the 'Holy Nation', I defeated the guards outside of the fort easily enough and started to free some of their slaves, but now I am being attacked by slaver traders who are trying to steal my unconcious characters as I withdraw from the area. They are gradually wearing me down along with Holy Nation paladin reinforcements but I am leaving a trail of severed limbs in my wake as I withdraw. The Holy Nation troops have been shouting misogynistic slurs at my female characters as well.


  • So I picked up Book of Demons on Steam today (it looked interesting and I got a 66% off coupon as one of my little things in the winter sale) and... holy crap I like this game.

    It's like Darkest Dungeon meet Diablo meet CCG. It's definitely a rogue-like, so if you aren't a fan of those, I'm sorry. But it's not a stupidly hard rogue-like (unless you put it on that difficulty!). The art is fantastic and I love it so much.

    All of your abilities/equipment are dictated by the cards you find, which can be upgraded and improved over time (Shadow Sword is OP, forreals). You start out as the Warrior, but there's also a Rogue and Mage that you can unlock (pretty early on). I haven't played as them yet, so I can't speak on their playability!

    One neat thing is that it estimates how long a dungeon/area will take and even lets you pick the size of it (bigger dungeon = takes longer = more lewts). It's a great background game (I played off and on today during the slower work hours).

    But seriously, isn't this art great?
    alt text

  • hi i spent like $120 on steam but all I've been playing is the copy of katamari reroll i got for my Switch

  • Pitcrew

    @prototart Worth it. I'm hunting down a copy of Katamari Damacy for my PS2. Because who doesn't love rolling the world into a ball?!

  • @too-old-for-this said in General Video Game Thread:

    Because who doesn't love rolling the world into a ball?!

    probably communists

    i spent a totally insane amount of time on the 360 version and even got all the objectively ripoff dlc for it

  • Pitcrew

    @prototart Ooooooo... I wonder if I could get the 360 version through the store on my Xbox One! That would save me having to hunt down a physical copy for the PS2.

  • @too-old-for-this

    reroll for switch & pc is a remake of the first one, the 360 one's a different game, i think parts of it made it into katamari forever for PS3 but I'm not totally sure

    i really hope reroll sells enough to get like, all of them on switch and PC

  • Also if you have a PS3 that can play PS2 and PS1 games, you can get it digitally from the store as well.

  • the best part of beautiful katamari is that the last level, you roll up literally the entire universe and toss it into a black hole

    it's a pretty huge mindfuck when you play it high

  • @prototart said in General Video Game Thread:

    @too-old-for-this said in General Video Game Thread:

    Because who doesn't love rolling the world into a ball?!

    probably communists

    Funny you should say that, because the game was designed to be a criticism of consumerism. That’s why he didn’t do a sequel. Kind of defeats the purpose.

  • FYI, if you play Town of Salem:

    You've been pwned!

    You signed up for notifications when your account was pwned in a data breach and unfortunately, it's happened. Here's what's known about the breach:

    Email found:
    Breach: BlankMediaGames
    Date of breach: 28 Dec 2018
    Number of accounts: 7,633,234
    Compromised data: Browser user agent details, Email addresses, IP addresses, Passwords, Purchases, Usernames, Website activity
    Description: In December 2018, the Town of Salem website produced by BlankMediaGames suffered a data breach. Reported to HIBP by DeHashed, the data contained 7.6M unique user email addresses alongside usernames, IP addresses, purchase histories and passwords stored as phpass hashes. DeHashed made multiple attempts to contact BlankMediaGames over various channels and many days but had yet to receive a response at the time of publishing.

  • Admin

    It's a good idea to plug your username/e-mail into now and then to see if it was ever included in a breach.

    It's a far better idea to never, ever reuse passwords for any accounts you care to keep, and even more so, which hold private information about your identity.

    More so for games than for most accounts types, in fact.

  • @arkandel Yeah, I got hit by the Salem breach... and the Ticketfly one a while back.

    It's good to use different passwords for -everything-. I'd be worried if I didn't.

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