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    @wahoo - ugh. Well, I'll install Catalina on something later and see what might be happening; that build works fine on Mojave, so it's got to be some Catalina specific changes. I'll just have to figure out what to put the beta on; I don't really want to install Catalina on my personal laptop, and right now I know some of the tools I need for work won't work on Cat, so I can't upgrade that one. And my aging cheesegrater (I.e. original style Mac Pro) is old enough it won't run this one.

    Right now we're underwater on GM stuff on Arx, but I'll figure out a solution to debug Atlantis on Catalina once we're above water again a bit more. If it's super completely broken, though, I am gonna cry.

    Me too :( :(

    Let me know if I can help with anything.

  • @wahoo - my current MacBook Pro is having the display issues there's a recall for, but it isn't bad yet so I haven't taken it in. Maybe I should just get a newer one and then turn in the older one for repairs once I wouldn't be without machine, then once the repairs are done, turn the older one into a beta OS box like the old Mac Pro used to be. Because it is really useful to have a spare device to run the OS betas on.

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    makes note to update husband's computer eventually

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