Descent Reboot

  • Quick update:

    We've got 7-8 pc's approved and on-grid. Started running some flavor scenes to build towards a couple different plot angles. Some +plots posted for each of the two praxes and their different approaches and some overlap.

    Still a bit of tweaking to do and growing, but not as many bugs as I expected to find, just a couple of weird quirks that don't actually seem to be unworkable. They'll get hammered out as we go.

    So far, so good!

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    After being burned by a bunch of nWoD game clones ran using the least effort possible, I can confirm this one looks different - staff seem to be taking it seriously, placing more work into the setup and challenging themselves with the setting type and scope.

    Here's to hoping, we've been needing a good MUSH of this sort to come out ever since Eldritch closed its doors.

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    @Taika forgot that the game had a scheduled site outage. Nothing was lost.

    Sorry that the game didn't come back up when the site came back online. That should be fixed now.


    Also: xp spending is now open to all, and properly handling vampire in-clan and in-bloodline nonsense. From my perspective, I think the system is fully in and stable.

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    @thenomain said in Descent Reboot:

    From my perspective, I think the system is fully in and stable.

    Challenge accepted.

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    @thenomain These are some bold words.

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    No, these are bold words:

    Bring it.

  • Sooo, with two praxes gearing up for war and intrigue, I could really use a staffer that'd be dedicated to pushing the intrigue and politics side of things. This is a thing I suck at. And I know I suck at it. I'm like a big hammer in a china shop, hunting for nails and it's just no good XD If you play there, or have interest in something like that where you can politic and not have be /in/ the politics, pop by anddrop us a line.


  • After a bunch of people were asking about werewolf, we took a poll. About 2/3's of the grid wanted it in early. Sooo we're adding it. CGen is open for bug checking and prebuilding. If you roll a pc into being a wolf in the first the sphere is open (not open /yet/), you'll carry your full xp over to the new wolf. It'll open officially as soon as the wiki and theme is updated.

  • Alright, we're ready to phase out of alpha and into beta. Wolf is in with a couple of minor hr's to keep the spirit of working together going. The wiki is slowly coming together with the splat pages including cgen specific things and more accurate information.

    Cool things we have now:

    • +rs - Bubonic hooked us up with some random scene/new person xp bumping code to encourage more grid rp. This can total up to 1.4 xp/week, doubling passive gain by going out and rping with people on your list.

    • +repose code

    • +poseorder code

    • +posebreak is shiny and fixed

    • +Plots code to help generate ideas for ST's that like to run, but would rather not have to stop and think about /what/ to run. These give an extra beat to the ST and often correlate to overarching plot themes or are things staff wants to see run.

    • Most xp spending is self-serve. No wait, no +request. The few items that are set for +request are items that need +notes set for them, such as retainers, safe places and the like.

    XP Gain:

    • passive 1 beat per day. Or 1.4 xp/week.

    • +rs - up to 1.4 xp/week.

    • Aspirations, conditions, dramatic fails, breaking points, and the damage beats.

    • Prps - 2 beats for participation, +1 for the ST, +1 if it's on the +plots listing


    Wolf and Vamp is set up, by the theme to work together. Wolves need humans, Vamps need humans, so it's quite easy to find plenty of reasons to work towards both having a win-win situation and cooperative play instead of 'us vs them'.

    The game structure is much more focused on the theme. Template is mostly irrelevant, because you need food to survive, regardless of splat. Most prp's and plots that get run have a great mix of all the templates we use (M, M+, Vamp, Wolf), which allows for a lot of crazy situational things to crop up during game play.

  • @taika A game and wiki address would be nice. It's not on the very first post in the thread.

  • Oh, hah! Wiki is: and the game addy is:

  • @taika Thanks. I'd suggest editing the very first post as well and adding it. Once this is no longer the very last post, it'll be hard to find and the first post is the logical place to look.

  • I cheated and set the addresses as my sig. >.> Thank you!

  • Going to be running a big Neutral Court scene tomorrow at 8:30p EST. Two Princes, Wolves, Spirits hijinks.

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    @taika said in Descent Reboot:

    Going to be running a big Neutral Court scene tomorrow at 8:30p EST. Two Princes, Wolves, Spirits hijinks.

    Two Princes?

  • RL has been merciless, but the end is nigh. After being stuck in the hospital for 32 days, I get to go home tomorrow! YAY! But there's a catch: I'm still going to have a 2 week limbo of not knowing when I'm going back (when, not if).

    To that end:

    I apologize to everyone that has popped in or faded out. I really thought I'd totally have all the free time and brain power to run plots and do the things and carry on like normal. Boy was I wrong >.<

    I know she looks dead, but as soon as I can, I'm going to go digging through posts and try to gather the strands of the plots I had (Diptheria, warring praxes, the neutral court to bring the wolves into the playing field as allies instead of enemies, and the like).

    Hopefully, it won't be any more than 2.5-3 weeks before I'm home (again) and able to start doing the things.

    ETA: I could really use another staffer to bounce ideas off of and do my jobs for me XD Mine sit and look very sad. I promise, I pay well (hah) and do not make much job mess.

  • RL is finally letting up - again, I apologize to anyone I have left hanging with all of this. I was supposed to have two months to get plots going and the game more stable before it all went sideways on me with the extended hospital stay and month-early baby arrival.

    Starting monday the 14th, I'll be working on getting plot balls rolling and rp going again. Family is heading home tomorrow, and that'll give me a few days to dig through the logs and bboards to pick up the plot threads and people that want to, to roll by and thaw or cgen and come play with us.

    I'll be kicking off with a neutral court on the 18th at around 8:30p EST.

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    Hooray! Balls!

  • Tutorialist

    I will be doing this next Tuesday.

    +--------------------+ Coal Burns - Tue May 22 20:00 ct +---------------------+
    South of Lemay a giant sinkhole opened up in a field that was once being tilled for wheat. A cavern was revealed and people started to explore it and discovered some crude ore that they could work and use. Only last week some people have gone missing in the cavern network that got revealed.

    So now Saria, the old farmer who was in charge of the little settlement near it, has put out a request. Can anyone able bodied go in and find what happened to her people?

    Danger: Medium.
    Spooky: High!
    Rewards: Up to five +resource points to be shared between participants.

    Storyteller: Saskia
    Genre: Open
    +------------------------------- 43: Coal Burns - Tue May 22 20:00 ct - 0 ----+

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