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    Which is fine, but I couldn't really get into the whole Lunar/Wild Arms/Xenogears??/some Tales games but not others shebang.

    This was my problem when I was looking at it too.

    They seemingly skipped entries in series they were using that would've thematically fit just fine, but included other entries that stretched the limits of the theme, and tbh it just gave the distinct impression of 'staff wanted to play characters from Wild Arms 1 and 3 but not anybody from 2, so we ignored it', etc. (Those numbers might be off, I haven't looked at the game in a while.) Which is fine, I guess. It was just kind of offputting, and annoying because most the 'popular' characters from all those were taken already and you're left going "well...if X entry in this series was included, there'd be more characters available..."

  • Pitcrew

    @tempest Yeah, that strikes me as a fair assessment. That said, as far as I know, it's one of the more active games with good code for combat and adventure RP. So for those who can get past the strange/cliquish theme integration, I'd recommend it. Just wasn't for me.

  • @tempest

    I'm not staff there, but I can shed some light on this as a player there. The policy is that they slowly introduce new series during certain chapters and acts (ie Chapter 1, Act 2) as the grid and plot focus(es) shift around.

    It's had some pros and cons, but I think it's ensured several games' plots don't start out of the gate at the same time and compete with each other. Also, some plot items, like WA2, are already being dropped in hints. I hoping it'll have the side effect of also allowing new people of feeling able to jump in without having to be there at the MU* opening, too, but that's just my theory.

    As for the one other place I've been on:
    Battle Fantasia: Been on there on and off. If you like magical girl anime and the whole aesthetic of it, give it a try. I couldn't really get into it after a while, but that was more me than staff's fault.