Real World Peeves, Disgruntlement, and Irks.

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    Summer shuts me down hard IRL. I'm not sure exactly what it is - some combination of SAD, the heat wearing me down, and worse sleep, but I go totally hermit. I can manage through text but I just don't want to face real life.

    Every year at about this time I come out of it and have to look at a few months of delayed responses. This year was particularly bad. I just wish I had any idea what to do about this - I did nothing but come home and hop onto my phone in bed for most of July and August.

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    @thenomain Motorcycles. My apartment complex has limited space for parking that isnt in Narnia, so everyone in the complex tries to part right under my apartment.

    Recently there has been a motorcycle, a tiny one, and the owner parks it WAAAY up in the space, so that you dont see it till yer already trying to park. It takes up like 1/5 of the whole space. Fuck you motorcycle person.

  • @ganymede Bruh. Netdocs? Seriously? Have your firm get iManage DeskSite. SO much better/easier to work with. NetDocs is the worst like German sausages.

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    POF dude whose screen name is 'Murder'. Just why.

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    @shelbeast said in Real World Peeves, Disgruntlement, and Irks.:

    Bruh. Netdocs? Seriously? Have your firm get iManage DeskSite. SO much better/easier to work with. NetDocs is the worst like German sausages.

    No fucking shitballs. Only gibbering morons use that system. IT DOESN'T ALLOW YOU TO GROUP DOWNLOAD FOR FUCK'S SAKE.

    I'm over it.

    And, no, my firm does not use NetDocs. I personally use DropBox.

  • Coder

    So I was interested in a particular LaCie hard drive that just came out (the DJI Copilot) and thought, hmm, can this be used as a connected hard drive to iOS devices?

    There's no "contact sales" on their web page, so I put in a trouble ticket. This is what happened.


    Me: Hello, does this hard drive allow transfer of files to iOS devices?

    Support: Here's a link to the manual, have a great day!

    Me: Hello, thanks, that doesn't answer the question. The information in there is good, but it's extremely vague if it can do this particular thing.

    Support: Hi, I understand you're looking for information about using the hard drive, have you tried <thing>?

    Me: <Thing> is for a different problem. I want to know how to transfer files to iOS devices.

    Support: Hi! I understand you're trying to transfer files to iOS devices! Here's a link to the manual, hope that helped!

    Me: No...that...didn't help, no. Here's the question again. Please escalate this.

    Support: Hello, I understand your question is "how do I transfer files to iOS devices". Here's a link to a video review from someone on the Internet. Have a great day!

    Me: I could not find an answer in that video. Please show me in that video where my question is answered. Thanks.

    Each time I mail, a different person responds.

    I can't wait for tomorrow's unhelpful email.

    I hope I'm ruining their metrics, because this is ridiculous.


    In contrast, I sent a contact request to Henge about a dock they sell, and got not only the precise answer I was asking for (amperage on their USB ports), but in different situations (docked and undocked). I was floored.

  • Pitcrew

    I didn't really wanna...

    I'm just so, so frustrated today.

    So I lost my grandmother this past week. We hadn't been close in a long time. She'd had dementia for years. I'm still processing everything because I didn't expect it to affect me as much as it is. Or at all really.

    But that's not the frustration.

    The frustration is that my father had been the one overseeing her care. She was in a home nearby where he lives (the only one living in that state). The one managing most of the proceedings with her passing. But he agreed she should be interred back in MD: her home (family home going back generations), where her last husband is, where most of his siblings (and their families are), etc. And in deciding this, felt cremation was the best option. She had never given any guidance in how she wanted to be buried. She was not a religious woman.

    So my dad and his siblings (all 5) decided cremation. Not just because cost-effective, but because moving her across state lines would be difficult (and even more expensive). They all agreed.

    ...or so he thought.

    My uncle's wife apparently nixed the idea and demanded my uncle change his mind. And SC is a state where ALL next-of-kin must sign off on a cremation or it doesn't happen.

    She's also demanded that they have the funeral service at their church, with their pastor, etc etc... They are Mormon and are basically giving her a Mormon service, rites, etc.. Like I know this is my aunt. Because it even went out in the messaging that 'once Mom arrives, Lu will have her dressed in...' and my uncle, though he converted for her when they got married, has never been a strong practitioner. My aunt, however, is very, very devout.

    And the crux of my frustration is not just,
    a) Allowing your wife to dictate how you and your siblings, the direct children of someone handle and mourn your mother
    but also b) forcing a religious ceremony on someone's passing who wasn't a part of that religion

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    People who aggressively merge onto the interstate from the on-ramp and then start passing the people still on the on-ramp making it harder for them to merge.

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    I have good health insurance. I use the Duke medical network, which is supposedly one of the best.

    AND YET I still have what feels like a lot of runaround, disbelief, and bad experiences. Like, what the fuck are we even up in arms about preserving, here? Even with money and good insurance in this country, your healthcare is a total crapshoot.

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    @kanye-qwest Sounds like you hate America.

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    @insomniac7809 Well I certainly don't LOVE America.

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    So, I had another heart attack after nothing for 2 years, having been pronounced 'cured' by virtue of the final cardiologist saying there was nothing apparently wrong with me and the attacks had stopped (I had 3 back in 2015).

    It is so hard some days to keep swimming upstream. So, so, so hard. The medical professionals are doing their best, but nobody really knows what the hell they're doing when you present with something that doesn't fit the mold.

    THIS IS NOT GOING TO KILL ME, for the record. The nature of it being what it is, I am gonna manage to survive it as long as I don't give up. Which I won't, because I've stubborned through everything else like this in my life. It just sucks. Like really, hardcore, incredibly sucks.

    I don't want to be broken any more.

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    @sunny Holy shit. Upvote for solidarity and support, for the record, not upvoting the situation.

  • @sunny I'm so sorry you're having to go through that. Augh, I hate bodies.

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    @Roz @saosmash Thanks guys. I appreciate it.

  • @sunny No dyin', lady. <much hugging>

  • Pitcrew

    @sunny Oh my god no. I'm so sorry, and I wish all the best for you and your health. I cannot even imagine.

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    Having a really hard time not walking out of work today.

    They keep pressuring me on this bullshit 'What can we help you with so you work better' front that keeps coming off increasingly more patronizing to the point I'm about to start leaving around EEOC paperwork.

    Then today:

    Me: 'Hey, these particular cases that take me so long? Part of the issue is I have to reach out to the office contact because the guys aren't doing it on the initial casework like they're supposed to. Can we get a reminder out to the team to do that step?'
    Boss: 'Well, how does <coworker> handle those cases? Just work it like he does.'
    Me: 'He doesn't do the reach out, but he's supposed to per the original training. Look, this would expedite the process and get these cases done quicker. You asked for ways to help me close cases faster. This is one. <Boss on clientside> has complained that these cases are taking too long and this is why. I have to do this step that's getting missed and it's adding days onto the case time. If they reach out like they should, when I get the case, I'll have everything I need.'
    Boss: 'Well, let's look at other solutions. Does this step really need to be done with the initial work or is it just something being misunderstood?'

    Cut the shit you goddamn piece of shit motherfucker.

  • Today I get the day off work! Yay!
    To visit the proctologist. Ugh.
    I am disgruntled.