Real World Peeves, Disgruntlement, and Irks.

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    @surreality 1) a 1.5ft hard bristled brush for cleaning things, like the oven catch trays. 2) That is our top oven conveyor belt its melted to. 3) No idea as my boss wont answer the phone, and neither will his.

    So my boss can deal with it tomorrow. For now the other AM will have to deal with a Monday night with only one oven.

  • Random thought this morning: "Who gets paid when people buy bibles? The publisher?"

    Led into...

    "Wow, there's someone making money every time a copy of Mein Kampf is purchased, and it's clearly not the author or his estate."


  • Pitcrew


  • Pitcrew

    A cousin of mine works for a famous Christian publishing house. They make a lot of different bibles. Usually people are paying for the commentary/devotionals and other shit that they stuff in there more so than the actual scriptures. You can buy an "American Patriot's Bible" from this publisher for like 40 bucks that will make you feel good with commentary and devotions about how you are a member of gods chosen land. But there are bibles for addicts, dieters, parents, boys, girls, ect.

  • @mietze I want a Transhumanist bible written in Japanese with sidebar notes about Shinto, but only if it's the version God wrote.

  • @Ghost said in Real World Peeves, Disgruntlement, and Irks.:

    "Wow, there's someone making money every time a copy of Mein Kampf is purchased, and it's clearly not the author or his estate."

    Who Gets The Royalties for 'Mein Kampf'?

  • Did some research. Houghton Mifflin owns the rights to produce Mein Kampf in the States, and donates all royalties from sales of the book to charities that focus on cultural acceptance.

    I did...NAZI that one coming.

    I guess publishing it led to a movement to remove all HM books from schools in the 40s, but HM has argued basically that for better or worse it's a culturally impacting/important book and (sic) that its best left for people to read and understand it for however ignorant, hateful, or stupid it is. (I agree.)

    So...thats pretty awesome. You can buy a copy of it to keep on a shelf of historically important books without the guilt of the money going into some Neo-Nazi's hands.

    ETA: Dammit, @Tinuviel beat me to it.

  • Oh, hey, I just put in a job application with them a couple days ago (one of my slew of job apps, mind. I just apply wherever/whatever has openings, LETSBEHONEST. ffs I applied with JUUL for a copywriting position last night).

  • @Auspice Dude you could totally drop being aware of this as something that inspires you to want to work for a culturally aware publisher.

  • BTW, I promise I'm not gonna make a bunch of Nazi puns today. Nazi puns really aren't fit for public consumption, and no one really Goebbels them up like they do puns about other things.


  • yikes

  • @TiredEwok Dont you Neil Patrick Harris me.

  • Pitcrew

    So yo, co-worker, if you're gonna start talking about World Bank/Rothschild conspiracies, you are not going to stop me from informing you loudly that the whole premise of said conspiracies, particularly where the Rothschilds are concerned, is big ol' flamin' anti-Semitism. kthanxbai.

  • @Ghost

    I will Neil Patrick Harris you! I shall do it again, even!


  • Pitcrew

    We have a new arcade style game in our break area, a stand up box that has over 100 games on it. One of them is a bubble popper and I was one of the first people to play it and get my name on the board. A co-worker came along and wiped me off the board, which you know, happens, and it's trivial in the scope of things. I was determined to get back on the score board, not really caring where I placed as long as I placed and enjoying myself when co-worker in the #1 spot (who's a guy) comes up to the machine.

    "I'm going to give you some pointers." he says.
    "I didn't ask for pointers." I reply, while playing.
    "Well, today, they're free of charge." he says, leaning on the game.
    "And I still wouldn't want them." says I, irritated at this unsolicited "assistance".

    Normally this is a reasonably cool dude, and I'm trying to give him the benefit of the doubt in retrospect, but in the moment, I was just like, NOPE.

  • @Cupcake Spoilers on specifics of game play are part of what makes game life so short these days. It also deprives players of the value of discovery.

    It's like spending money to skip content.

    So is it about you "beating the game" with someone else's work, or about exercising your brain for your own satisfaction?

  • Pitcrew

    @Misadventure It's a game I enjoy, that I'm generally good at, and want to stay on the board as a point of personal pride.

    Prior to receiving an unsolicited overture of advice, my goal was simply to play the game, enjoy the satisfaction of playing the game well, and staying on the score board. I don't see any reason at this point why the two notions have to be mutually exclusive tbh.

    Also, in the moment, he didn't ask me if I wanted some tips. He told me he was going to give me pointers.

  • @Cupcake I'm having a serious problem with a Douchebag guy right now. I wrote a 10 paragraph rant a few pages back and then deleted it. So I feel for ya. Not the same kind of douchebaggery, but over-confident dude probs nonetheless.


    If he's attractive and can be trained to not,be a douche, you may want to evaluate if he rolled a '1' on his flirtation attempt?

  • Pitcrew

    @Ghost He's got a fiancé that he's very into, so I'm reasonably certain that it was not an attempt at flirtation in the slightest.

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