• To belatedly join in the black cat train, enjoy this majestically floofy tail.


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    @packrat OMG THAT TAIL!

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    Happy 3rd birthday to my Lilymonster

    alt text

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    I have a Halloween-kitty, too. I don't know Ike's exact birthday, but it was sometime around the 1st week of October 9 years ago. :D

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    Okay I know theres a lotta Lily lately but I mean i cant not share this so... after tossing a few books on the chair, a couple hours later I look over and...

    alt text

  • @wretched The sheer number of goth geek points in this pic alone is worth an upvote, and kitty's worth another. (Somebody add another one for me 'cause I can only do one!)

    The cutest bit about that to me is that her paw is on the moth, like she's tryin' to catch it right off the cover. I mean OMG THE D'AWW!!!

  • I travel so rarely, we got this look from the derpyfloof when the suitcases came out so we could start packing later:


    ...and yes, what they've done to this chair over the years is a true horror. But they love it, and it still works as a chair, so. Sigh.

    (Yes, that's the creature that is such a coward, she once scared herself so badly with one of her own sneezes she then hid for hours.)

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    OMG I just found this thread! Yay! I get to share all of mah babies!
    This is my boy Stitch, he's fourteen and a half years young and just about the sweetest creature on Earth. If me or the husband is home, he will be on one of us, cuddling. He lives for cuddles. All my cats are Canadian, thus why they are so awesome.
    This is Kif, he is also fourteen! We named him after the character from Futurama, because when he was little Stitch would pin him by the neck and sit on him. And Kif wouldn't fight, but he'd just get this incredibly long-suffering look on his face.
    And this is Cricket, she's 13 and the most unholy terror that has ever been. She is a demon who will have her way when she wants it by licking arm pits and plucking shirts with her teeth. She's so terrible, we memed her:

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    I... am pretty sure I kidnapped a neighbor's cat today.

    The problem is, she(?) doesn't have a collar so I don't know which neighbor. None of the people whose doors I knocked on recognized her picture. No one is responding on my community app. We're taking her to the emergency vet that's nearby to be scanned for a microchip as soon as @insomniac7809 gets home. But she's super friendly and in fairly decent shape....

    I'd have seriously considered just letting her hang out in the alley behind our house where I found her with some food, but it's dropped 30-degrees in a week and is dropping below freezing tonight. None of the local colony caretakers have their winter boxes out yet.

    So now I have this insanely friendly cat locked in my spare room, and four pissed off cats that are upset they can't sleep on the bed. >.<

    alt text

  • @aria This is seriously how cats happen, I'm convinced of it. You know 'em when you see 'em, or vice-versa. (Ideally, it's mutual, but it's worked either way in my case; I've been lucky.)

    Those are some potent ear tufties, and ear tufties are <3.

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    @surreality Ohhh, believe me, I'm aware. At one point we had six cats, because I live in Philly where there are tons and tons of strays. Worse, I live by a golf course, so lots of fuckwits who decide they don't want to keep their cats anymore think that "it seems like a nice place for them to live and hunt with lots of birds!!", not realizing that their indoor house cat has no idea how to survive in the wild.

    We briefly had a seventh cat I cared for entirely outdoors due to being FIV+, until I convinced my mom and dad to take him in at their farm, where their barn cats may or may not be exposed to it, anyway.

    Of those seven cats, we purposefully took in.... two. I am a dog person, hands down, and yet somehow. Somehow. "Cats happen" has been the story of my life for ten years. Probably because the shelter in our city has a brutally low survival rate, so I never have it in me to call animal control.

  • @aria Our neighbors have whatever the local special exception thing is to allow them to have more than normally allowed for the same sort of reason: our neighborhood is right near two parks. :/ We've been up to 7 as well at times, and 8 is the community maximum (dunno if it's county or our stupid development trying to have rules, which they typically fail at hard), but I thinnnnnnnnk they're up to 11 now? They've had as many as 17, and also will take in local ferals to get 'em fixed and checked out.

    One would think they would make terrifying next door neighbors, but they are super nice, our cats are all indoor, and we get the benefit of a pile of super lovey-dovey adorable kitties when we're outside, too, that love pretty much everybody. It's super great. They are best neighbors, and I totally rank them above my folks, who live in the house on the other side of my corner. ;)

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    So it turns out that Miss PepperPaws, as she's been temporarily dubbed, is in fact microchipped! And unlike the last microchipped cat we took in, this one was actually registered!

    Her real name is apparently Emma Stone, and unfortunately her owner's information is listed as private. So now I have to wait and hope that they return the service's call to get my information, even though they probably live in one of the houses whose door I knocked on earlier and got no reply. And also that she actually got loose, rather than having to deal with a neighbor being pissed off that I (accidentally, with good intentions) kidnapped what might be their indoor-outdoor cat. In which case, get her a fucking breakaway collar so I don't have to drag myself out to the emergency vet to find out if she's lost or just hanging around her little kitty 'hood begging for spare petting from the crazy cat lady up the street.

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    alt text

    This is Zucchini but I call her Zooey. She's cute but a small terror.

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    omg that tiny mouf

  • Well thanks to work forcing me to cancel the arranged appointment for splaying? Now one of my kittens has gone into heat. She is wandering around being extremely squeaky and wanting mega head rubs as well as behaving as if my armpits are laced with catnip. Amusing but also sufficient to ensure cats are banished from the bedroom overnight if I want any semblance of sleep.

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    Here's our Pyewacket (Norwegian Forest Cat) at 2 years old beside a full grown Thor (our Bombay). Thor is just shy of 14 pounds.

    That is a full sized door that my wife uses for crafting they are laying on.

    Pyewacket still has 3 more years to get full sized.

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    It has been a week. Miss Kitty of the Majestic Ear Tufties has not been claimed, despite the microchipping service and the rescue that chipped her reaching out to her original adopters.


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    @aria Perhaps they are out of town?

  • Or very ill, or deceased.

    Normally I'll go for human failure, but plenty of people pass away leaving behind pets, plants etc that no one can really take in. Or notice if they have gotten out or run away.