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    @jennkryst said in Pokemon?:

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    That's what TMs and HMs are for! :D

    You misspelled Pokémon Breeders. They are how you get Fire Squirtles and the like.


  • So how much of this game is going to be 'let's do Pokemon minigames like breeding and HMs and TMs and Contests' and how much is going to be 'okay, there's plot and such'? Or is this just an attempt to make a MU* for people to Pokemon Battle on?

  • @bobotron I already have plot ideas, so... whee?

    As long as I don't HAVE to do a beauty contest, I'm cool. Or, as long as I can have a teammate do it for me. Either/or.

  • Coder

    @bobotron Full disclosure...

    It is going to be minigame heavy. However, there is a global meta plot in place as well as plans for stories to be open.

    The project was started out of passion for the theme and as a coding challenge for myself. So I am trying to mimic the minigames as well as allow for a roleplay environment.

    As always YMMV, but it is my hope to find that happy medium.

  • Coder

    @jennkryst You do not have to do any of the minigame stuff if you don't want too. RP will still be there.

    But, what would you do if you were challenged to a street beauty contest, which is a thing...?

  • @seamus Maybe I put those martial arts skills to use against them, or maybe I walk away? I unno, I just don't want to waste a week making the prettiest Pokémon in order to get access to a gym again.

  • Coder

    @jennkryst Nah, Gyms and Contests are two different lines of progression. If you want to be a Coordinator then you would never have to actually participate in a Gym Battle and vice versa. The Anime showed characters that focused on the contests and ones that focused on just trying to get the Gym Badges.

    Yay for callings!

  • @seamus It was in that one game... uh... Pearl maybe?

    Another question is how money works, since the games make it look like you just beat eachother up and take each other's lunch money.

  • Coder

    @jennkryst Economy from crafting and contest earnings as well as family wealth.

    Trainers wager money when they challenge, which meams you bet your lunch money on strong your team is.

  • @seamus I have ideas for this, too! The economy, I mean. So much spam is headed your way once I stop being lazy!

  • Will their be options to play within the concepts of Team Rocket or other antagonist groups? Because I sorely miss my cowgirl Rocket, Annie Oakley.

  • Coder

    @bobotron Kind of sort of. We have a "villain" team planned, but it won't be introduced right away. Characters with affiliations to Team Rocket, Magma and such, will probably be folded into the new villain team.

    That being said, everyone joins a team, ala Pokemon Go, a remnant of Team <whatever> could easily slide into the Independents group.

  • AHEM. Gif? Where is my gif...

    As amazing as that gif is, there are much more appropriate gifs for this thread. Gifs that will almost certainly make everyone drop everything that they are doing, and exclusively make Pokemon MUs for the rest of time.

    ... okay, so maybe Jigglypuff doesn't approve. But just hear me out! Because Youtube has a treat for all of us!

    I see I have your attention. Tiny... furry... adorable attention.

    Awwww... thanks, gif!



    Ahem. For real for real. Detective Pikachu looks amazing, and I am upset that it took this long for a live action Pokemon film to be a thing. PokeMu must be in place when the movie drops. Because logins and player apps will be through the goddamn roof.

    What hoops are still needed to be jumped through for this, and which ones can we, your data entry minions, jump through to help speed it along?