Fallout Lonestar (Poll For intrest)

  • Pitcrew

    I've had this in my head for a WEEK now! Thanks! :p

    *I can see that lone star from a thousand miles away
    Calling me back home though I've ventured far astray
    When I see that beacon shining for me all alone
    It calls me back to Texas and to home

    Lone star shine down on my home town
    Fill my memory light my way

    Cattle in the old corral, the open range all 'round
    Sunlight and the smell of new mown hay
    I remember though I've wandered and much happiness I've found
    Still I wish that I could be back there today

    I know my home is waiting for me by the river shore
    I know that all the ones I love would welcome me once more
    In dreams I see them now though it seems I'm bound to roam
    My thoughts are still of Texas and of home!*

  • Update after a month of silence for self reflection planning and work: Server has been purchased and is up and running. It's still a completely solo operation at the moment just me working on my own.

    I've decided to start the game inside of a vault with the condition of the outside world left a mystery. The idea is that as the player-base expands the game will expand to match.

    I'm going to use inspiration from the canceled Brotherhood of Steel 2 that I've been able to gleam from some research and what may or may not be a design document. Though I suppose the authenticity of it doesn't really matter considering how far from canon the original Brotherhood of Steel was. Still just going to use them for some ideas, and the vault the game takes place in is going to be in the city of Lonestar from the BoS sequil.

    At that it's going to be a government vault consisting mostly of military and government personnel from the state of Texas with an emphasis on maintaining a governmental structure and actively trained military through the use of those fancy handy dandy simulator pods in order to prepare for the reclamation of Texas.

    Will this group turn out more Brotherhood of Steel or Enclave? Who knows but right now that's the setting I've settled in on. I've got a good chunk of work done on setting things up but it's been a little slow so far since I don't really know what I'm doing.

    Still rest assured I'm sticking this through since I've already prepaid for server hosting for the next year or so. :P