Let's talk about TS.

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    Does it cover everything? Well, no, not really. But I think it's general enough to get the idea across in a largely functional and effective way.

    I saw a guy get tossed out of a strip club for whipping out his thing while watching a girl dance on a pole, and whacking at it fiercely. It took a couple of minutes and a lot of laughter before the bouncers came by and physically hauled him out. And this was a place where there was titties-a-plenty.

    I guess my point is that I lean on common sense. If I have to tell you why it's inappropriate to lead someone by the leash on the Battlestar, I think I'm just going to talk to Faraday.

    Yeah if you whip it out in a club you'll 100 percent get ejected unless it's an insanely skeevy club

    and if it's a topless place they're not at all ever in any possible world going to risk getting their liquor license pulled, like, everyone you're with is gone and probably never allowed back

    Really most clubs period that aren't private are gonna be the same, including fetish clubs, like, those places almost never even have doors on the bathroom stalls

    tbh i think the majority of the "i can totally fuck here" people just haven't ever been to the places they think are down w somebody getting slammed on the bar

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    It dosen't matter if someone walks in wearing a giant, neon purple, strap-on it isn't "forcing a kink" on someone unless that viewer finds it arousing and is made uncomfortable by that arousal.

    In some cases, sure. But I wouldn't call this one a universal. (It's often easy enough to spot in the 'methinks thou dost protest too much' sense when this is true, but that's also not any sort of certainty.)

    Some people are hot for gore and mutilation for sexual gratification; someone being made uncomfortable by that isn't necessarily going to be ashamed of their own secret sexual woo from gore and mutilation, they may simply find it horrifying and gross if they don't like gore or mutilation period. There are people into racist or sexist themes in fetish play; someone being put off by that isn't necessarily put off because they are ashamed they find it also hot, but because they're not fans of racism or sexism.

    Even some of this is a RL vs. VR thing. If I walked into a fetish club and people were engaging in scat play, and that's allowed there, I may just be plain and simple put off by the smell and leave. Until we have smellovision in VR (OH PLEASE GODS NEVER NO PLEASE NO), that's not going to be an issue in the same way.

    There are fetishes for damned near everything, so the reasons for an objection are going to vary a lot.