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    Something I have found myself missing from Potato:

    Text-to-Mux formatter.

    And along those lines, the mail tool that didn't require me to remember the various @Mail commands to send a mail.

    Not a dealbreaker by any means, but just nice things for the future.

  • Okay. I don't know if Beip can do this yet, but I want to move the newinput text over to where the matching spawn window is.
    Preferably as the spawn window is created. I've figured out how to create the newinput automatically with the channel name prefix but I haven't figure out the whole moving the input over to that tab. Any thoughts?

    alt text

  • @kateywumpus Not automatically at present, but yes, you can move it over. Just click on the bar that says 'Input - public' and drag it over to the spawn window, then let go. It should pop right in -- I've just done it on mine to be certain.

  • Pitcrew

    I'm loving Beip, but I still miss Potato's built-in notepad that let you format linebreaks and tabs with a keyboard shortcut and then either paste the whole thing into the input window or just send it to the game. Don't suppose I'm just dumb and that already exists in some form or another?

  • @MarsGrad It doesn't have a notepad, but if you have something in your input window and hit F1 it'll replace the linebreaks with %R and if you hit shift-F1 it'll replace tabs with %T, if that helps?

  • Belatedly mentioning there's been a new release, 4.00.281.

    Added ability to export/import triggers!
    Added 'Input Window - Push to History' keyboard shortcut to explicitly just push to history, similar to Ctrl+Down [ The equivalent of SimpleMU*'s Esc functionality. This one's my fault. ;) ]
    Fixed glitch when copying triggers with regexes that can cause them not to hit in certain situations
    Fixed a hang if you pause a window, select some of the 'New Content' banner, then switch to another window
    Fixed a hang if the "New Content" marker goes beyond the window text limit then you switch to another window.
    Fixed a bug with 'Invisible MUD Prompt Handling' that could lead to problems if text was selected and a prompt comes in

  • Continuing my new tradition of belated mentionings, 4.00.282 is out. It brings us nested aliases (this can be useful in some advanced alias uses, and might still have its function adjusted slightly in future, so if you find it doesn't work as you expected it to please pass that on), and alt+# tab changing was enhanced so that control adds 10, so Alt+Ctrl+4 gets you to tab 14. Also bugfixes and all that jazz.

  • 4.00.283 is out and I'm barely even late in mentioning it!

    Added 'Default Font/Foreground/Background' trigger appearance options (This one makes me happy; now you can just plain cancel colour changes you don't like that a game makes to something, and they'll always follow your default.)
    Added Description field to aliases similar to triggers
    Auto save configuration when closing a trigger/aliases/macros/worlds dialog box
    Fixed a hang (will unhang after many seconds) in find if what you're looking for doesn't exist

    I'm still glad I got convinced into trying it out.

  • Pitcrew

    This post is deleted!

  • 4.00.284!
    Added Telnet CHARSET negotiation so UTF-8 encoding is enabled automatically
    Added 'Clear spawn' action for spawn triggers
    Added 'Gag from Log' action for spawn triggers (so a single spawn or an entire capture can be easily gagged from the log)
    Added error display for trigger importing (to explain why it failed vs just 'error')
    Changed 'Explorer' dialog into 'Character Statistics', and added a lot of refinements to it
    Added 'Connection Count' 'Connected Time' 'Total Bytes' as character statistics
    Improved internal time code to avoid connect time wraparounds after 49.7 days
    Fixed a glitch where if you change the font, if the time & date column is visible it doesn't resize to match

    Smallish changes in this one, but good ones. If anyone has any questions about how to do things or if things can be done, please ask! The discord's really helpful, but I'm willing to try to answer things here, also.

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