Reversed's playlist (abbreviated ed.)

  • I figured I should put this up in case any of the folks I play with now ever come looking for me. Hopefully they'd be doing so for good reasons.



    • Ember Redreef, stern Baroness of Redreef Shores (as of July 2019)
    • Ronja Sandreef, pirate-raised daughter of a Baron (as of May 2019)

    City of Hope:

    • Cheree Crowley, vampire mess
    • Kiki, indescribable
    • Sasha Crane, Pentex-affiliated health food CEO

    Gray Harbor:

    • Eden Fitch, rookie Washington State Park Ranger


    City of Hope:

    • Daniel Freeman, ex-CIA Sabbat santero
    • Wendy Mullen, sullen psychic

    Empire State Heroes:

    • The first player of Harley Quinn, X-23, and Zatanna (roughly March-July 2019)

    Star Wars: Chontio:

    • Inspector Cazh Coul, Pantoran detective turned drunk

    I'll try to keep this updated... if I remember.

  • I've been updating this all along, but it's been long enough now that I might as well post too to give it a bump.

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