Goldfish's Playlist 2019

  • Pitcrew

    I got tired of updates and thread necromancy.
    Current as of Late September 2019
    HorrorMU: The Confidant V1 (STILL!)
    Echoes In The Mists: Play as Travis, Former Staff as Blackwater.
    Harvest Moons: Aaron and Alice

    ***=Muse Count***

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    Ghosts of Baddies Pasts
    My very first game! 2010ish was called NYC
    Violet, a Mekhet and Helena, a Mage

    The Reach: Many. MANY. My fave was William Fletcher, Sin Eater. I staffed as Kinglake/Blacksburg. I was the Geist staffer when it opened.
    Fallcoast: Jamie, Patrick and Vijay (Vampire, Sin-Eater, Changeling)

    Reno 1.0: Matt and Birdene
    Reno 2.0: Virginia, Betsy, and Gael, Moira, Jesse, Shane and Ruby
    Reno 3.0: Staffed as Clicker, Played as Shane and Nick

    BITN: Wyatt and Aisha
    Fallen World: Lash and Sugar
    Calaveras: Calvin

  • Pitcrew

    An update. I am becoming pervasive.

    For those keeping score at home: Third use of Norman Reedus. He's my muse. That's just what's fucking up.

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