Things I've Learned Running Horror Mu

  • @Ghost Meanwhile, I am still all kinds of sad we never got our Paul Bettany (per A Knight's Tale) Bravo. ;) (Our current one kicks ass, though! <3)

  • Pitcrew

    Real talk, I am proud of the roles I've played on this game. The setting has let me do some good work.

  • Pitcrew

    So we're trying a few new things this story. First and foremost, it'll be our longest story so far as we aim for 6 months. I've fleshed out a lot of lore for it, and hopefully it'll give people lots to play with.

    Second, I'm allowing players to run plots involving 'monsters', in this case raider groups. Normally I handle Kill Scenes exclusively, but I'm testing out letting players run some. I think the core of our playerbase knows the system well enough now.

    We have roughly half our Archetypes open, so now is a good time to give things a try - lots of options available and the story is just starting.

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