The Savage Skies

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    Fly the unfriendly skies in airplanes that never were, casting spells, dodging dragons, and fighting fascism in the late 1930s. Characters will be members of a "free" militia, The Sky Guard, secretly serving the interests of the French and British governments from an airship base. They will crisscross the Continent finding high adventure.

    The Savage Skies MUSH is a game of dieselpunk adventure and modern fantasy. Players might be flying against air pirates one week, gathering information on Nationalist Spanish movements the next, trading spells with minions of the Drachenordnung another, and then treating with a great dragon to convince it to join the cause at the end of the month.

    All characters will be explicitly tied to the militia group at the heart of the game, either as a fighting member or one of the smugglers, informants, and hangers-on that work directly with them. From there, you'll work together with other players to create your own adventures within the setting and metaplot provided by Staff.

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    What would you guys say is the absolute most important things to read before trying to sign up? I've poked, but I'm not sure what to prioritize.

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    @silverfox I'd start with the Overview page. It has the 30,000-foot view, plus has a list of the five most important wiki pages to read (and some inspirational photos at the very bottom). One of those is the step-by-step Chargen Guide though, so you can wait and go through that as you're working on a character.

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    Thank you! Chances are I'd want to adopt a roster first, if there is one that catches my eye. I've found it way more successful than trying to make my own thing on a new place.

  • Hi all-- We're having some technical difficulties and the game is temporarily down and we should have it up soon! @Seraphim73 or I will drop a note on here one we're back. :)

  • This post is deleted!

  • All set! We're back. Hopefully we won't break anything again. :D

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    This weekend we’re finishing up our first real location (Spain in the Spanish Civil War) and moving on. Starting next week, the airship aircraft carrier and floating black market known as the Guinevere will be settled in the southern Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia, immediately in the wake of the Anschluss of Austria by a resurgent and magic-centric Germany.

    Did you get tired of punching proxies and want to go right up against the big bads? Were two nearby great dragons too few (the Gwen will be within 300 miles of 4 now)? Not enough opportunities for interrupting fascist rallies to steal things or blow something up?

    Czechoslovakia might be just what you need to get into The Savage Skies. Our Current Adventurepage will be updated for the new location Saturday.

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    Has the game gone down?

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    Yes, London has been made aware, unfortunately it needs Rome's attention and he's out doing RL right now. It will be back when he's back, I guess!

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    We're back up. Sorry about the delay.

  • As I know some folks are currently not logging into games much these days, I wanted to share this post here, too:

    Hello lovelies,

    We wanted to put up some words of appreciation, encouragement, and reassurances. It has been a bit of a mixed-up world lately, and we are right there with you when it comes to waxing and waning inspiration and creativity. We wanted to reassure you that we do not have any expectations for players right now, and want to make sure that this game is here to have fun without too much obligations or requirements.

    It can be hard some days to log in, and even harder to feel like there's anything more to do than check in, talk to some folks socially, and then get some rest. We want to make sure that TSS is here for Happy Fun Times and not to feel like "one more obligation." We are going to focus on one-off adventures, some fun artifact hijinks, and other less-demanding plots to minimize the feel of "work" that sometimes games can feel like. The metaplot in Austria and Czechoslovakia will keep plugging along, but we're relaxing on timelines. Czechoslovakia is all about a "danger adjacent" instead of "always at risk" the way Spain was. Have fun with any kind of RP you need right now!

    We've decided not to run the idle sweep until the end of May.

    We are always so thankful to have you all here. If you need anything from us, let us know! We're always here to help you find fun and an escape. <3

    --L/R (Blu/Serephim)

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