Changeling: The Lost Update [CofD]

  • So I just got finished adding 26 Conditions (and having someone else edit even more) in preparation of codifying Changeling, and I'm also looking at the Clarity damage system and their method of Touchstones and Icons, and I've come to the personal conclusion that Changeling: The Lost 2nd Edition is the second most personal game Onyx Path has written, nipping at the heels of the first edition Prometheus and it's story-arc system.

    Almost everything in this game revolves the gaining and losing of Clarity, a specific kind of sanity that gives teeth to the situation of uncertainty of a world that first edition CtL promised.

    This game looks like a bastard to keep track of. How can someone run this without printing the Conditions on flash cards? The amount of dice you roll for taking Clarity Damage is more fluid than the combat system. I say this with excitement. If you aren't playing with Conditions and messing with Clarity, you might as well just stick with CtL 1e.

    I do like the simplification of the Contracts and the deadly knife of Pledges.

    I do not know how I'm going to code a lot of this.

  • I do very much like the new systems, but I get what you're saying. I'm hoping that I can get around to STing it sometime soon. I had an idea I'd really love to try out, and keep mulling over things.

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