Marvel: 1963+

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    Marvel: 1963+. It's no longer 1963 and we're not restricting characters to just Marvel.

    It is a confusing time in the world, both politically and socially. Wars and rumors of wars are fought and hinted at throughout the globe. Fear and paranoia of mutants is tacitly, or sometimes openly acknowledged by those in power. Over the past few years the emergence of costumed vigilantes has caused further stress on a nation and world that seems unfit or unwilling to handle the complex problems they face.

    Marvel: 1963 is a roleplaying MUSH set in New York City in the Marvel Universe. While not strictly a year-one game, our story started in 1963 (now 1964) during the height of the Cold War, the escalation of Vietnam and the Civil Rights Movement. It's the beginning of the superhero craze, mutant paranoia and the world just discovered aliens and demigods exist. The hallmark of our game is the story telling; we invite players to run plots and want to incorporate the results of those scenes in our overall story arc.

    Players are not limited to Marvel's roster from the early 60s but are able to pick characters from any time period, any reality and now any publisher. We've opened up characters from DC, Wildstorm, and other comic book companies and we were always open and welcoming to original characters. The only caveat is that all characters have to fit into the Marvel universe and the time period that changed the world forever.

    Come and join us!

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  • @prototart After googling, it looks like Wildtimes are DC characters reimagined into different time periods. Since the game is set in 1964, that's already a given. If you mean a DC character from the Wild West somehow transported to 1964, possibly. Logging onto the game and asking there is the best way of doing it since there will be questions.

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