Information Storage Question

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    @ixokai said in Information Storage Question:

    @Bobotron said it doesn't do that with the new mux aliases.

    Oh I thought he (Bobotron) was talking about the + prefix and the custom aliases. I haven't used Penn with the new aliases so I have no idea. At any rate, Theno wasn't the only one who missed it if that was the case.

  • @faraday
    +channels don't parse code either unless you @chat them. Neither does the MUX wrapper, which lets you do all of the MUX syntax (less things like <alias> help), including assign, chan on/off, etc. as a wrapper around the extant hardcoded channel system. addcom shitstorm=Help works just as well as pub off to turn off public.

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    He said she said they said but we're all right in our own minds.

    @ixokai, check the timings. I didn't deny Bobotron's information after he said so; I simply correct Seamus' correcting me when, as Faraday said, it was thought I was talking about softcode and not the parsing.

    So, yeah, I was listening.

    I'm done.