The Inheritance Gambit: A Marvel MUSH

  • Pitcrew


    Totally understandable. We decided when making the game that we'd rather not play FC musical chairs but the trade off for that definitely is that no one can be the 'one true' FC.

  • As we noted earlier in this thread, Inheritance Gambit runs on FATE Core BUT we've set the game up so you can RP just as you would in a Traits Based game.

    I got Galactica and Reliant together to discuss that, how it works and why did it. You can listen to the podcast here:

  • Pitcrew

    I've been playing on this game since January and I have to say I really, really enjoy it. I can go into reasons, but primarily, it is a very different style of superhero/comic game that I appreciate. A different way to tell the same kind of stories I get to tell in other superhero/comic style games. A dash of the familiar with a semi-cyberpunk near dystopia flavor that I really just enjoy exploring.