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  • Pitcrew

    Well, it took a few days longer than I would have hoped but it allowed me to get all of the careers and specializations from EotE into the system so I'll call it worth it. For those interested in checking out the character generation/+sheet and my proposed setting/theme feel free to connect to the site below. Just keep in mind that's all I have there at the moment, c-gen and proposed theme/setting. I guess we could call this an alpha phase.

    So, if interested, feel free to connect to muxmadness.com:1983

  • Pitcrew

    Got called into work so I won't be around on the game till later tonight. I thought I'd answer some questions I've been seeing here for those who are interested.

    1: Will System-X(+roll, equipment, ships) be added to the game?
    A: Yes, I fully intend to have a number of subsystems to enhance RP. Right now I'm just focusing on character generation.

    2: Will I be able to start as an Edge of the Empire style character and become a force user later?
    A: Yes, though I haven't finalized what will be involved in this process yet.

    3: Will you be including species X?
    A: I intend to add every published species to the system and will be open to adding fan-made species to fill in for what FFG has not touched on yet.

    4: Will you be including Emotional Strengths/Weaknesses and Obligations from other sources?
    A: Anything that has been published by FFG will be added to the system as a viable Emotional Strength/Weakness or Obligation.

    5: Can I play a bad guy?
    A: Most storytelling opportunities are going to be geared towards "hero" characters as we assume that's what most people will be playing. We are open to players playing their characters however they want though especially if you're looking to help forward storylines and provide RP opportunities for others.

    Those are the most popular questions I've seen so far. Oh, some people have also asked if I know where to get a PDF copy of the various FFG SW games...I do but I won't post the link here. I'll share it on the game, however.

  • Pitcrew

    Just thought I'd toss an update on the game. Still has no name but things are progressing, albeit slowly (it's not the only project I'm working on so my attention is split). Character generation is mostly done, just adding specializations and species from the non-core books as requested by players. Here is a list of things I'm working on in order of priority.

    1. The Grid.
    2. XP System.
    3. The Equipment System.
    4. Starships.

    We do have RP happening and I may start rolling out some plots soon for fun.

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