Darkwater: The Return

  • Fanning the flames! The game is quiet right now in US evenings, but there's a few of us on every night, and later on the EU crew rolls in. I personally freakin' love the theme that staff is trying for for the metaplot. It's a bit different from the standard Lost fare I've seen. I'd love to see more US evening people. And if you played on Darkwater in the past as a Changeling, there's a built in RP hook for you to bring the old PC back, as well as built in hooks for new ones, too.

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    Honestly, the past half-dozen times I've come on, there was nothing going on. In the game's defense, I tend to hop on during business hours EST, and, in the evenings, I've been setting up my RP on The Descent.

    I'll be back.

    -- Feesh.

  • @ganymede It will be very fun to RP with you again! I am usually on after 9-10pm pst, during est business hours I have to do this "work" thing (except on Tuesdays and Wednesdays that I have off). :( But next week I am on glorious staycation from the 12th through the 17th. Once I have Ida settled in I am going to bring back Eve, my city Manikin.

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    @ganymede said in Darkwater: The Return:

    Honestly, the past half-dozen times I've come on, there was nothing going on. In the game's defense, I tend to hop on during business hours EST, and, in the evenings, I've been setting up my RP on The Descent.

    I'll be back.

    -- Feesh.

    Yeah, my work schedule was absolute shit, but I've recently quit. And while pending other job I have more time. We're pretty packed with Things Going On this weekend. I'll be running something around 8pm ET tonight, something tomorrow afternoon (3pm ET), something early ish on Sunday. Eddie has a PrP going on on Monday, and we're potentially doing something on Tuesday.

  • And I get bored and offer to torment players... whenever I'm bored.

  • Did I mention I love the plot? The RP might be small in quantity but the quality is aces. http://darkwater.wikidot.com/logs

  • I bowed out of my character on there. It wasn't the right fit for me. But I wish the game good luck.

  • We are starting to attract a few new people and there are some old players coming back too. I can feel the momentum, as it were, and if you are reading this and you've considered playing but haven't quite made up your mind, go take a look at the Logs: http://darkwater.wikidot.com/logs See if the flavor matches your preferences. The logs are by date, so fairly easy to follow chronologically.

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    I am indeed of an admin type person to handle applications. Anyone wanna help me? :P

  • @cobaltasaurus No she's doesn't. Families fight. Nothing to see here.

    (I mean if someone wants to help it's cool, but it's not a need, need. We're all good.)

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    The log just went up of a really lovely scene that @EmmahSue ran a little while ago. It's a long'un, but it's a good'un!


    She's also just introduced a new stable of NPCs to bother, and she ran a killer scene just tonight. @Cobaltasaurus has also been on a roll of running top notch stuff, lately, with a bunch more scheduled for the upcoming week.

  • Hey there. Just wanted to throw out that if anyone's interested in trying out the game, I've got two (current) NPCs in a PrP I'm running, that could be made easily into PCs. http://darkwater.wikidot.com/log:2018-03-31-prp:port-angeles-blues-worker-men for a glimpse into one of them - a policeman who was taken. the other is also a police NPC, a woman. I don't staff on DW so I can't say exactly what sort of role such a PC could get if they wanted to rejoin the police force ICly - but anyone playing would have an instant in with the Bureau PCs, all whom are awesome. (The Bureau is a secret agency investigating the supernatural). The concept is not so set that it doesn't allow for pretty much anything you'd like to play, changeling wise. Heck, it could even be a Faetouched as of now.

    I play Audgrim and Eric on DW - if you want to check it out, just give me a hollar in game or on here via chat message.
    The quality of the players and RP is the best I've had ever, so come check us out either or!

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    How hard is it to make a character in this game? Does it rquire lots of emotional labor and vetting and whatnot?

    I'm obviously not going to make a purple dragoness that blows steam, so. I intend to stay within the boundaries. If I have to be interviewed and such before playing, though, issa no.

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    @selu Chargen is:

    1. Send me your stats via +Request, sans XP (since most of that can be spent after chargen).

    2. Write a 1-3 paragraph "concept" for your character. That is, I want an elevator pitch. Pretend that I have the attentions pan of a puppy and give absolutely zero shits about your character's history, and just wanna know the broad stroke important parts.

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    I've got a lot going on in my life right now - classes, a job, caregiving, moving house, and being prepped for various surgeries, so I might have to just do one paragraph.

    I might surprise you and do two or three, once I've had my morning Adderall and feel like writing an entire book off the top of my head.

    What sort of characters do you badly need right now? I don't want to add to a surplus - do you need more Mortals, Vampires, or what?

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    @selu Dude, one paragraph is ace. I tend to stop reading after two, but I try to be nice and read the third but gotta be honest once it hits 3-paragraphs I skim. And the game is Changeling and Mortal+ only.

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    Neato potato!

    I don't mind that the game is small, either. I'd get anxiety on a large one that has too much stuff going on. This game sounds great for me.

    So should I be a Ling or a Mortal? Which side has a surplus?

    Heck, if you let me I'll do two characters - one of each.

  • It is literally the easiest process I've ever encountered anywhere, barring those that don't even require any sort of concept write up. The only thing is, there's no actual CG so you have to write down your stat distribution in a +request, and they will set up your sheet. After that, EVERY xp spend is free barring some few very specific ones. You get 180 xp to start with.
    Also extremely helpful players to help you out.

    The concept can be a paragraph, basically. :)
    I was used to writing long BGs and had to actually cut half of it down cause it didn't even fit in the limited space they allow you to write the concept. They literally don't want you to write long ones.

  • @selu You can have 2 alts (either 1 mortal+ and 1 ling, or 2 lings, or 2 mortal+), but you can't have say, two autumn courtiers. They can't be in the same faction. And only one can be in the metaplot.

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    I'm in!

    I have to do some chores and shopping now but I will log into this game tonight.

    I am super excited. 💖