Rise of Legends

  • If anyone has interest in original sci-fi/fantasy, is on during the days on Friday and wants in on a regular campaign I'm going to try to run a weekly campaign. Reglar RP welcome any other day/between adventures, PRP/Sandbox style play welcome otherwise as well. It is OpenD6 for those curious.

    Theme: http://therise.wikidot.com

  • Quick follow up. Still looking for folks. I have time to really play again after a crazy fall and this is something I'm passionate about.

    Changed the name here, Ephemeris Erudition was probably a bit pretentious, Rise of Legends is more on point for what the theme is about. Changed the branding just a little, but same theme.

    For those looking but not wanting to check out the theme and wiki, here is a little overview.

    A thousand years from now, magic returns to humanity as they are colonizing the solar system. An extra-dimensional threat returns capable of using magic, and once again heroes are born with this ability. Its a spin off the idea of legends returning to the world during its greatest need.

    Focus is on college aged students learning to use magical abilities, players are the first generation of these 'heroes'. They can be typical spell shaping/casting elemental like wizards or they could have the ability to imbue magic into constructs/contraptions (such as arms and armor, or technological devices drones, vehicles, and mecha).

    It utilizes Open D6, spells are similar to TT WEG Star Wars. Determine effects and that sets difficulty, roll the appropriate skill (not far off from Force in Star Wars D6). Its similar to Mage, imagination is the limit; but remove paradox and there are more clearly defined difficulties in casting (for those not familiar with D6). Special abilities are retained for the game, but given to the artificers, to imbue their items/tech with.

    We have a lot of plot we're itching to run, so still pitching out feelers to round up a few bodies interested in playing. Our starting arch is aimed at a threat that has taken over Neptune and its moons along with the Caelus (the 8th planet, renamed cause no interest in guest jokes on pub channel over and over again). This is just the first wave as magic returns (we've been vague about that idea, but think of it like the ages of Earth Dawn and magic returning).

    I'm offering weekly campaign meta, but we're good for persistant RP and welcome ST/PrP play for any interested in the theme.

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