Rise of Legends

  • If anyone has interest in original sci-fi/fantasy, is on during the days on Friday and wants in on a regular campaign I'm going to try to run a weekly campaign. Reglar RP welcome any other day/between adventures, PRP/Sandbox style play welcome otherwise as well. It is OpenD6 for those curious.

    Theme: http://therise.wikidot.com

  • Quick follow up. Still looking for folks. I have time to really play again after a crazy fall and this is something I'm passionate about.

    Changed the name here, Ephemeris Erudition was probably a bit pretentious, Rise of Legends is more on point for what the theme is about. Changed the branding just a little, but same theme.

    For those looking but not wanting to check out the theme and wiki, here is a little overview.

    A thousand years from now, magic returns to humanity as they are colonizing the solar system. An extra-dimensional threat returns capable of using magic, and once again heroes are born with this ability. Its a spin off the idea of legends returning to the world during its greatest need.

    Focus is on college aged students learning to use magical abilities, players are the first generation of these 'heroes'. They can be typical spell shaping/casting elemental like wizards or they could have the ability to imbue magic into constructs/contraptions (such as arms and armor, or technological devices drones, vehicles, and mecha).

    It utilizes Open D6, spells are similar to TT WEG Star Wars. Determine effects and that sets difficulty, roll the appropriate skill (not far off from Force in Star Wars D6). Its similar to Mage, imagination is the limit; but remove paradox and there are more clearly defined difficulties in casting (for those not familiar with D6). Special abilities are retained for the game, but given to the artificers, to imbue their items/tech with.

    We have a lot of plot we're itching to run, so still pitching out feelers to round up a few bodies interested in playing. Our starting arch is aimed at a threat that has taken over Neptune and its moons along with the Caelus (the 8th planet, renamed cause no interest in guest jokes on pub channel over and over again). This is just the first wave as magic returns (we've been vague about that idea, but think of it like the ages of Earth Dawn and magic returning).

    I'm offering weekly campaign meta, but we're good for persistant RP and welcome ST/PrP play for any interested in the theme.

  • You know I very much enjoy playing with you, and I appreciate that you are willing to do all the work to spin up new games and new themes every now and then. But I gotta ask, why always teenagers? I mean, I did the teen drama RP for a stretch, but after three games I'm completely burnt out. Some of the themes you come up with can be pretty fun to play, if I can play a proper adult character and interact with other adult characters.

    This is not a knock. I'm genuinely curious about the focus on teen PCs.

  • @scissors said in Rise of Legends:

    You know I very much enjoy playing with you, and I appreciate that you are willing to do all the work to spin up new games and new themes every now and then. But I gotta ask, why always teenagers? I mean, I did the teen drama RP for a stretch, but after three games I'm completely burnt out. Some of the themes you come up with can be pretty fun to play, if I can play a proper adult character and interact with other adult characters.

    This is not a knock. I'm genuinely curious about the focus on teen PCs.

    You're golden, not a knock at all. You know, I never thought about it. Now that I think about it, looks like a crazy trend of mine doesn't it?

    Not all the themes were teen oriented, just the interesting ones maybe? I don't want to come off as defensive either, I just think at the time of the teen focus, when it crops up, its to be a little more light heart'ed after too much grit somewhere? Maybe I'm making that up. Coral Springs was absolutely meant to be comic oriented (funny, not gritty comic book, sort of like the DC sereis spin on comics, even Gotham has plenty of funny moments), just sky high, nothing serious. Now this one, wasn't going for high school, but in the school part, 1st year college just seemed right.

    There was an intermediary theme in consideration that was much more adult oriented in nature too (http://darkedge.wikidot.com/). But this one, yeah there is the teen focus (even with slightly higher bottom age and not high school). I think its more the 'learning' aspect of it and to avoid the whole grizzled vet aspect, what to do with grizzled vets (should have more skill, but magic in D6 with extra dice in CG can blow up quickly enough). Tried to add in the adult aspect, and curiously, I'm playing an adult for more my personal interest, with some avenues to explore there, but adult is left more to players needed to take advantage of willingness to PrP/Storytell and aside from two of us, the limited interest is in the teens. That could be one of the limits on interest too.

  • Double, sorry.

    More thinking. I've flip flopped a few themes here. I don't want to open and close things, and I have been. Part of the mix of this theme and having younger chars was deciding if this is the theme I settle into and just play, whats best for me. And that included both adult and school like play I think. And its odd cause I don't really plan to play teen too much, I made one to throw in as support to the few students being played. But if there was enough players to run plots without needing the charbit to help support, I'd be good running for student aged PCs while focusing RP on the police agent charbit.

    Got me all curious myself here with the ponderance.

  • @lotherio I think 'college age' is a good target zone for this. Higher end is in early/mid20s, lower end is very late teens. It's the 'still formally learning, but learning to adult and be on one's own' at the same time.

    My brain went to a 'The Magicians' place a little conceptually, also re: visualizing age range, and that seemed like a good combination, for whatever it's worth. If that's the general vibe you're aiming for, just with a different setting/adversaries/etc., I think you picked the right target range.

  • Pitcrew

    I get the desire to avoid grizzled vets, but why not allow "non-traditional students"? If magic and stuff is newly returned why not let older folks try their hand at it? personally I was interested in the ad until I saw the teen requirement and that's a non-starter for me and I am probably not alone in that.

  • @wildbaboons Oh, adults are welcomed and there are grizzled vet options that allow more skill points for those motivated to run their own plots, or the even more extra grizzled vets if someone wants to come in and try to run a faction/unit/group and get others involved in faction-esque plots.

    I was aiming more overall meta at dealing with the encroachment from another dimension and the return of magic as an element to counter that via the students. This theme is interesting on a broad level for me, I see an appeal to the students, but every aspect of adult I look at is curious too. There's totally room for folks to come in and be in one of the military branches as adults and spend half the time at war (NPC stats of monsters provided for anyone wanting to dice some monsters against fellow players and all). Even the police side of it, there was a lot of looking at society as some future utopia but so a lot of it just being off and how would criminal elements thrive in such a system. Even the pro sports, I could probably just dig in and focus on career athletes, their criticism/commentary on the war.

    I think in part, I was considering if it was small player base and I hang up pondering new theme, I wanted something I could change focus of play for myself too as my interest can change, so younger play is sometimes an interest and even on that game, my personal play is focused on adulting oddly enough; running plot for the students, we've gotten a few players and started that, had some great rescue mission for the first event and all.

    ETA: Maybe the inclusion of adults and that 'realm' of play should be more forward too?

  • Pitcrew

    @lotherio reading on phone so apOlogy if I misread, but it looks like you missed the point.

    For me? I would rather play a carpenter in his late twenties turn magic student than a high school grad turned magic student instead. I like the learning aspect too.. but college kids just aren't that fun to play for me

  • @wildbaboons All good, half the time I respond on the phone too. My normal horrid spelling and grammar is enough to cover the times I do the same on the phone because large fingers.

    My apology for missing the point of adults 'awakening'. Grizzled vet was only avoided for magic and I got hung up on that term and poor reading skill.

    I can honestly say that adults discovering their own magic is just as interesting in such a setting. I would question myself why I'm going D6 system rather than just not going Mage or something else. But it would be interesting, entirely different consideration for the adult discovering the potential with deeper political mindedness on the point of training and all that, as well as purpose and self awareness.

    I didn't want focus on 'why the awakening' completely as that feels more campaign (beginning/ending) and personal pref for me is open ended anywhere I go. I have difficulty playing on a place where I can see there is an end point to the Mu*. End of world/save humanity plots are not too fun for me; and not saying adults feel that way if incorporated into such a setting. But instead of middle story arc for what's going on, we just chose the beginning.

    The decision for the age wasn't arbitrary just the same either. It is the beginning of something, and I don't want to go into details as it relates to some meta planned for the students and I'd rather they discover more in play about certain elements.

    I guess that sounds fickle, just the reason for teens again (only 2nd theme for me, the 3rd was someone else's place) isn't that I'm some kooky pedo, it just felt right for the theme as it was developing.


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