@tragedyjones said in What MU/RPG opinions have you changed or maintained?: @Alamias Do you think OOC masquerade was at least in part because of the technology of the times? I can speak from (specifically WoD) history: OOC Masq was pushed because on mixed-sphere games players were using the information about who's where to flash-mob attack players of the enemy factions. There was also a long-lasting layer of the same philosophy applied to what anyone can know about anything. One game (Tartarus) infamously changed what Werewolves took aggravated damage from silver to platinum then yelled at anyone who claimed they knew. I do think that the ease of availability of wikis gave people an easy reason to change. I had played on several games—AetherMUX being the most notable in my mind—where the lack of OOC Masq was a selling point and almost everyone was always careful about keeping IC and OOC separate enough to keep everything fun.