Announcements bug?

  • I've got a weird bug here on the site, where it shows me that I have 4 "unread announcements" on the icon, but when I click it it says I have no unread announcements, and when I mark all as read, it goes away for about 2 seconds then the icon flashes with a new red 4

  • Do you have the bookmark saved on your bar? (This has always happened with me on Chrome, except it'd not the whole red warning, but like a sliver of it.) Or is it sticking around somewhere else?

  • No I don't have the site bookmarked in Chrome, it's that little announcement bell between the search spyglass and the chats buttons in the top right of the website's UI

  • Oh that! Sometimes I find you have to click the actual post that is announcing to make it stop.

  • But there is no post associated with it? When I click it it says there is no unread announcements. When I click 'mark all as read' it makes it go normal for about 2 seconds and then it returns with the red '4' over it, and again it says no unread announcements... So I have no idea what thread is 'causing the announcements'

  • I'm sorry, it's "Notifications" not announcements

  • @magee101 Above mark all notifications, does it have things like Insomnia mentioned you in a post at all? And if so, is it a different colour than the other things (mine's lighter for unread and then goes normal forum colour once I click on it) you may have to scroll down or go to show all notifications to see it. If nothing is showing up (and at least this post should) I'm guessing it's the skin you are using.

  • Well it does now because of what you just did, and you doing that made it fix itself! It's no longer showing the big red 4 anymore.

  • I don't know how it was fixed, but I'll gladly take credit. :D Glad I could help.

    Now if only I could sleep.

  • Same here. I got about two hours of sleep the night before, and I passed out this morning at about 1am, woke up at 2:30am and haven't been able to go back to sleep yet. Thanks for the help! I think it just needed an actual notification to kick it into gear. I haven't got any special skins or anything, just the most recent version of Chrome.

  • Pitcrew

    For the record, I also had this bug for weeeeks, and what finally made it go away was getting an actual notification that I could then dismiss.

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