Transfer of MSB tonight: 7:30 EST

  • @arkandel If this happened to anyone in my time zone, we deserve it for being up at 5:30am with nothing better to do than putter around here. me. <cough, shifty-eyes> The hell, insomnia?!

  • @arkandel Yeah, I'd posted a multi-paragraph thing in one of the United Heroes threads that I saw, tried to edit to change "Dank" to "Dani" before anyone caught it and laughed, and I couldn't get through for around an hour or so. The comment had also disappeared, so imagine how thankful I was to have had the foresight to copy it all to my tablet first.

    (Yes, I work nights.)

  • Creator

    @surreality Don't blame me! I've been getting up at a time I normally go to bed this week! How do people do this!??

    Waking up before 2pm is just not decent!

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