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    Okay, having read through all of this, here's my $0.02 (which aren't worth anything except online anymore, since Canada got rid of pennies.)

    I miss the simple warning we had at the top of the last WORA. You're an adult, sink or Swim. Moderators kicked trolls, you don't post personal info, and they deleted pictures of dead bodies. I've always hated that the Hog Pit became opt in and contained.

    A forum, as much as everyone would like it to be is not a democracy, it's a dictatorship. EM handed the keys over to @Arkandel and now it's his to do with as he pleases. It's his to ask who he wants to help out with it. Don't like how he's doing things? Go make your own forum. Seriously. We are a very small hobby and it's just getting smaller and smaller. We need more diverse places to discuss... whatever. SWOFA and IGU did it, for different reasons, and sure they didn't last, but I think we were better for it as a community when there was more than one place around to bitch about, but also constructively talk about this hobby of ours. If everything offends you, go make a place where those offensive things aren't allowed. I'm not saying go away, there's nothing saying people can't browse multiple forums, just go somewhere where your being offended can make a change.

    I've been in this hobby.... way too dame long. I think a lot of us have. We have jobs, and kids, and lives now we didn't have 20 years ago. When I play a game, or talk about the hobby I do it for fun, in my free time. As soon as something becomes work, or I don't enjoy it, it's purged from my life. I don't have time for it.

    TL;DR we're all too old for this shit.

    @Arkandel Don't try to please everyone, all the time. It isn't going to happen, and you will end up making yourself crazy for trying. If you want light moderation - do that, make it clear. Don't post personal info. Don't post disturbing images. Don't be a dick. You are all adults, use common sense. Whatever. Don't worry about what goes where, who is butthurt, and just deal with the issues as they come up, if they come up. Jut like running a campaign in anything, really, you can come up with 10 things the players might do, and they will come up with an eleventh. You can't plan for everything that might go wrong, especially with how easily people become offended with things now, so don't try. That too is the way to crazyness. And you seem to be a pretty okay guy. Wouldn't want you turning into Rasheem over all this.

  • In contrast, I care where what behavior goes. It's a utility thing.

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