Fallout MU*

  • Pitcrew

    For those interested- atm things have stalled, probably going to have to restart from square one. Sorry.

    Send a message if you want to keep working on this project, but I need to find a team with dedication to work with. All that fun shit.

    Anyway, sorry for the general bad news- D-bone.

  • Pitcrew

    Oh and I suppose I should put this out there, looking for a coder yah?

  • Pitcrew Banned

    Even though I'm not a user of this forum, I've had 3 different people outside this forum come to me asking me to help come up with a new Fallout MU. 1 of those was even clear back before this thread ever started. Whenever I check the ads listing on this forum all I see in this thread is people sticking their heads in periodically and saying "Any progress?" and no evidence of any real project or team actually working to create one.

    I'm willing to host and code and my experience in both areas in MUSHing goes back to the 1990s. If anyone here is actually serious about seeing a Fallout game happen, I expect somebody else to step up to the plate as Administrators, Human Resources, Public Relations, Theme, and Building. I'm also not going to register or maintain domain names for the site so somebody else is going to need to handle that. I'll just take care of the server, the lamp stack, the MUSH, and the softcode and that's it.

    I have no intention of playing "game god" and I'm not going to deal with any other assclown who wants to either so anyone who wants to become part of the staff team is going to become part of the Administration team. I have problems making decisions, like deciding between PennMUSH (which offers great features like simplified coding features, advanced coding features, and MXP support but has godawful bugs in search() outputs and other areas that have to be worked around) and TinyMUX (which offers great features like asynchronous SQL queries, a simplified hardcode modding interface, the best online documentation of any MU, advanced coding features but nothing like letq() or attribute trees, high security and high performance) but which is shit for MXP (so far as I can tell you can really only do MXP by emit, so you can't customize your @exitformat with your own MXP styles, or inject custom MXP tags into your room descs, which you can do with Penn via built-in functions for that express purpose). Left to my own devices on a project like this, I would literally waffle back and forth week to week, getting nothing done on either platform, working with Penn for a little while and then working with TMUX for a little while. So what I need most in development is people to help me make decisions.

    I had previously posted to this forum as tekmunkey, while having an episode, and completely ruined an ad thread created by a friend by posting random bullshit into it. The diagnoses are PTSD and temporal lobe seizure disorder so "episodes" are something like a cross between a seizure and a psychotic break, where a seizure entails weird behavior brought on by hallucinating anger and fear and a psychotic break is pretty self-explanatory. At the time I was on half the medication I'm on now, and I was self-medicating with alcohol when I started experiencing intense seizure auras (about 80-90% of the time, in those days, I was able to successfully knock myself out before an episode actually occurred, the other 10%, an episode would happen anyway and this forum saw what happened). This information is offered in the spirit of full disclosure.

    What happens now that I'm on medications and off alcohol is that while talking to people, both verbally or in text chat, I ramble. I just go off on a tangent, or I start giving lots of extra unnecessary detail, or I get really angry (at the subject matter) and say a couple of things, and then I'm back on track. In most cases I'm not aware I've done it until I look back at it later. It comes off as really weird. People need to not be judgmental asscrackers with me if we're on the same chat channel. It's just that simple.


  • This might be too old to matter, but just tossing it up for anyone still following.

    My fellow Staffers and I are currently working on getting ideas down on paper. Soon (hopefully) we'll be opening a new Fallout game.