Shameless Self-Promotion part IV

  • Or ignore this, my microphone stopped working.

  • @packrat Do you have Windows 10? Because Windows has become more and more of an asshole since 7 when it comes to sound. Windows 10 likes to update and reset things back to default it has no business touching. Check your playback / recording devices as well as whatever you are using to stream / record, but also if you can record something and play it back to see if you are being picked up, but it's not telling you. If it's still not working, feel free to poke me wherever is easiest.

  • I've been a bit worried about work lately; as you guys know, the job is still fairly new. One thing though might not know though that in Canada they can fire you your first 90 days for no reason at all (you can also quit without notice). Anyway, all this getting sick nonsense happened within my 90 days. I wrote in asking if there were any jobs that were web-based only, there isn't. BUT they have all my paperwork, and will get in contact with me again a week before I am scheduled to come back (Sept 1st!) which is passed the 90 days. Yay for not being fired! But still semi-not officially begging for money too. >.>

  • @insomnia Belatedly, I do indeed have Windows 10, reinstalling drivers seems to be a semi regular requirement if I want to still be able to talk on Discord or similar. Always annoying though.

  • Well I am going to have another go at streaming, this time with a microphone that works!

    Twitch Link

  • Arise!

    I'm not going to start a new thread just for this:

    So, I don't know how many people are interested in Cultist Simulator, but everyone totally should be! Anyway, I have 3 keys I'm going to give away on the stream today, since the new DLC is coming out soon. They are perpetual edition keys so it's the base game and any DLC that comes after. Streaming @ 5pm EST tonight and you have to be there to win!

    My stream link

    However Extra Life is next month, I'll probably make a new thread for that. New year, new thread, probably

  • Pitcrew

    Cultist Simulator is a lot of fun. I suck at it, but I enjoy it. :D

  • @auspice I also suck at it. Luckily how good I am at it isn't dependant on people winning keys!